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Toast Shaped People



I once felt small...then I realised I was following a casually dressed basketball team.

So today I went jogging. I'm pretty sure I resemble an orangutan when I run. All legs and long arms. In fact, I think I'll just call my jogging: lanking or alternatively 'rangutannin' (that has quite a nice ring to it). So I went 'rangutannin' with my super fit surfing friends, and nearly died. I was short of breath within about 500m. Granted it was all up-hill. But these days, whenever I do strenuous exercise, I get really nauseous and short of breath and feel like my heart is firmly lodged in my superior oesaphagus. I should probably get that checked out (high blood pressure?) but she'll be right mate! Anyway, they probably ran twice the distance that I did. I should be a fat man; then I could make thousands of self-deprecating jokes about changing light globes while crushing "weak-ass" chairs. I could shop at Big and Tall. That has always been a life-long dream of mine. I could even legitimately purchase a pair of suspenders, I'm thinking something with piano keys. I would feel at home at Sizzlers and actually eat an indecent amount of food. Sit on a plane and claim the seat is too small, then get upgraded to first class. But who knows, I could have this to look forward to in middle age. My dad is quite well girthed.

Today, I ate popcorn. Popcorn has now become my favourite snack. For about $4 I can make at least 10 rounds of buttery, salty goodness. Such value for money. Such deliciousness. My inner jew is jumping with glee. I just don't know why I haven't had home-made popcorn in such a long time. I'm feeling ripped off, deprived of a deeper purpose to my life. My life mission statement needs to be adjusted: to eat more home-made popcorn than anyone else (and do other stuff too). I'm notorious for eating popcorn for dinner, with a side of M&Ms, as I like both junk food groups to be covered in the one meal! It's all about efficiency really.

Speaking of efficiency, I actually did some more cleaning today. The kitchen and living area have been swept, the pile of "high" dishes done. What an accomplishment. I feel like I'm turning into a better person with all these chores. I even had several Mary Poppin's moments, "And every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake" - it was all mostly in the hope that cake would appear - sadly no such luck. I feel lied to. eusa_liar.gif I also dabbled at some piano, and spent an amazing amount of time on this website. Watched a little more Shameless. Read through real estate websites and thoroughly succeeded in avoiding all forms of study.genius.gif

I skipped my regimen last night. No breakouts. I'll have to remember tonight. Otherwise Dan may appear in my dreams and show me the sins of my past, and how this has effected my skin (in some sort of Dickens cum Wilde hybrid super dream) but mostly he'd sound like the Wizard of Oz, and tell me that I only need to apply BP again and I'd be able to go home. tinydan.gif

I'll leave you with a local band by the name of The Jungle Giants. My sister (the one that is a year younger than me) dated the vocalist. But mostly I just really love the video clip (I love toast shaped people!):


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I love this song...one of my fave's at the moment. I too like toast shaped people, always makes me hungry for my favourite dinner - eggs on toast (but I wouldnt take that too seriously, I have a million favourite dinners).

Home made popcorn is the best, and you would be hard pressed to eat more of it than I do....and no way can it be considered junk food! Oh, except you add butter...hmm...yes thats an issue. I add dry fried cumin seeds and salt to mine. OMS, thats it...I'm off to make some right now.

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Yes, it is pretty sweet. What's your other faves? (have they updated since our last music D'n'M?)

Yes, I add butter. A good tablespoon at least. You're hardly indulging if you just have air-popped corn with salt. That sounds like health food to me. It must have lard!! I think you should add butter to your porridge. Everything tastes better with trans fats...

It's a challenge. A pop-corn eating rivalry! So we're 1-1.

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I'm constantly downloading and listening to music....its my life.

My current favourite is from a few years back but I can't stop listening to it. I sometimes put it on repeat and listen to it 5 times over.

Oh and you just Gen Y'd me with D'n'M cause I has like, no idea whats you is sayin yeah?

I agree, butter ALWAYS makes everything taste better except for popcorn and porridge. Those two things are out of bounds. Mmmmm..crumpets and butter. And we are talking about real butter right, not that margarine rubbish?

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I'm constantly downloading and listening to music....its my life.

Duh! Wow, I almost forgot how cool you are. But thanks for reminding me. :P That song is beautiful. I actually got chills. I love songs that are so intense that they speak for themselves - without saying anything.

If you didn't get it: D and M is deep and meaningful. Sorry. I had a friend that used to shorten the names of the various types of Coke. For instance VC, CZ, DC, et cetera. In fact she used to abbreviate 'abbreviate' to abbreves. She taught me all my modern and hip lingo!

Real butter. What do you take me for. Anything less is heresy.

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Hey I'm glad you liked the song...nothing worse than loving a song and everyone else is indifferent....

I'm all for modern and hip lingo, thats why I surround myself with Y's! *enters DnM into book*.

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