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Day 22




I am a fail on the posting situation.

skin: chin still has little guys on it. I think it's just more red spots and they are just healing. I went out drinking on Thursday and got a mini pimple on my cheek.. serves me right, haha.

side effects: I get the worst back pain. in my lower back. It happens a lot at night and when I do things at work for a while. Sore. As. Eff.

positives: my face isn't as dry anymore. My lips are still really dry, but I just keep lip chap on hand. Also, my oil production is almost non existent. Yay!

Going for blood tests soon. I hope nothing is wrong with it so I can renew my script.



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omg haha SAME EXACT PROBLEM WITH THE BACK PAIN! i never had this problem but it hurts so badly sometimes I cant stand up straight for a couple seconds.

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hahah, yah I know what you mean!

I'll lay down and just be in excruciating pain.

What day are you on??

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