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2Nd Week -- Hi My Name Is Sflamom And I'm A Diet-Cokeaholic



I have a confession to make.I love dietcoke. It's one of my few vices (at least one that I'm willing to admit). I can drink a 2 liter a day easily. So since starting accutane and knowing how important it is to keep my self as hydrated as possible, I've made a pact with myself. If I want a glass of diet coke, I have to drink a full glass of water before each diet coke. That way I am assured to keep enough pure water in my system to help ease the side effects of the pills. My hubby doesn't think I'm drinking any less diet coke, but he does know I'm drinking a heck of a lot more water than I ever did before so that's a start.

Side effects seem to be about the same. Dry lips and slightly more achy joints and tendons and a little back pain (feels like I strained my lower back a bit). Some pimples, but nothing like before I started the pills and they are all quite close to the surface and not painful like my pre-pill acne thank goodness. I'm trying to psychologoically prepare myself for the initial breakup that I know will happen when the Doc ups the dose in 2 more weeks since it hasn't happened yet.

I'm also not doing as well as I should at keeping my hands off my face. I'm still subconciously touching and picking/pealing at the few pimples that I currently have. It's annoying neurotic habit that's hard to break and I often don't know I'm doing it. I'm trying hard to stop once I realize what I'm doing so hopefully I'll get out the habit and that will be that -- they say it takes 2 weeks to break any habbit.


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