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94 Days! - Winter Illness And Dog Bathing



I am so ill. My throat is dry and tickly and my eyeballs feel like hot coals. I'm so out of it that I got up this morning, picked up my advent calander and opened door 3...and carried on opening doors! I opened about 6 more until I realised I was only supposed to open the one. Oh well, might as well eat the rest now. The cold weather is really hitting hard now too, so my skin is extremely dry on my hands and lips, to the point where I can't wash the dishes because they crack and sting. Oh my. What a shame.

I sent my UCAS off yesterday, so this time next year I could be studying Psychology at University! My choices were Psychology, Psychology with Counselling and Psychology with Criminology. I'd rather Psychology on its own because I prefer the University, but I'd be happy with any really. Think that's what I need, you know, a massive change in my life to get myself to where I want to be psychologically (no pun intended). New friends, new surroundings...a fresh scene.

I'm going to help my mam bath my dogs today because they smell horrible. I have a feeling when I'm brushing them a dead guy will just tumble out from their fur, and I'll say to myself 'THAT'S why they smelt like decomposing flesh!...oh dear.' Ollie loves getting washed, he likes all the attention


By the way, even though he has grey on him he's only 5. He was the last puppy to be picked because he wouldn't be allowed to be entered in dog shows with his little patches on his face and paws sad.png I feel we're alike; his grey is in my acne-zone, and he feels rejected and bitter tongue.png We were made for each other!



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Aww, I think that's a nice story about Ollie. Shame that vanity extends to the world of animals I suppose, but then while all the other dogs are being dragged around like puppets, Ollie gets to stay home in the warm and have his picture taken. He's the real winner! :D

Hope you're feeling better soon, Renn! This time of year, people always say, "Oh yeah, there's a bug going around." Never quite understood that. How do they know specifically, did they happen to see it catching a bus and going to town or something? And if they did see it already, how come they were too stupid not to avoid it? :rolleyes:

Here's wishing you the best of luck getting on the course and getting to where you'd like to be this time next year. Fingers crossed! Good to have some goals and if it's something which makes you tick, no reason why you can't go a long way. My sister started looking into Uni applications and things this week, she wants to become a paramedic. I hope she makes it, then I'll know where to go for a few quid so she can help her drop out of a brother continue to blindly and aimlessly stumble through life... :P

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I want your dog. Maybe you could Fed Ex him over?

Sorry you're sick, trash TV and ice phenylephrine time. I'm glad you're applying to study Psychology though. That's what all the best bloggers and indeed individuals do. Truly an inspired path. It's what most socially well-adjusted and intelligent people study. Now, where's my diazepam...

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Oh wow, that is one insanely cute dog. I love his ears, his hairy Clydesdale-like feet, and his deeply sad (in a pathetically cute, "love me" way) eyes. I like the name too, Ollie, it's the kind of name that suits a young dog that looks like an old man.

In fact my friend's called his baby boy Ollie, and even then I was thinking that's a great name for a dog. ...Cute kid though.

Now why is it that all the unstable people want to become psychs and therapists? wink.png Although if you guys're going to get access to things like Valium...

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Oh Ollie is adorable! I was squeeling with adoration at the screen and Charlotte came in to see what the fuss was about and caught me admiring your dog. She gave me the stink eye and walked back out. It seems Char Char no like your dog.

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Aw poor Char, she's insecure. It's no wonder really, since you abandon her every week. Poor dog probably has separation anxiety, and seeing you coo over another dog is too much for her, hehehe.

Either that or she's giving you the stink eye because you disturbed her rest.

Renn now we need a photo of the other dog! We can't just see one, that's mean!

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Isn't he a cutie?! I love him to bits. He was the best dog out of the bunch, Paul. The little cute runt :wub:

Haha, literally 'lol'd' at the image of a virus on a bus. Still not feeling too hot. I lost my voice, and when I try and talk I sound like a pubescent Darth Vader / seal.

Thanks! And wow, a Paramedic, that's gotta be stressful! Hope she reaches her goal too, and that you get your couple of quid in times of need :lol:

Perhaps if he has some pups with a lady spaniel I could ship you one? The original stays here :D Psychology is the most interesting subject I have ever studied. I actually look forward to lessons, and that's saying something! Do you study a particular branch of Psych, or the full scope?

We called him Ollie after the Oliver Twist scene, "please sir, I want some more". He's so greedy, it's unreal. His hair is actually really short in that picture (we had just cut him). When it's long his chest is like a little waterfall of blueish-white fur.

I'm already practising the line "and how does that make you feel?", in case I get a job in Psych in the future.

I feel like a proud mother, hearing peopel compliment my dog :lol: Ollie tells Char Char, "Don't cha wish your ears were floppy like mine?".

I will add a picture of Jake in my next blog, it's only fair!

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I have an extended major in Psychology so I've studied everything - from the racially motivated literature on IQ to the Zimbardo prison study. There's nothing better than studying something that you're interested in. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable. I personally love evolutionary and developmental psychology. But I find it really difficult to discriminate, I even enjoy the more cognitive and neuroscience based subjects and the statistics (I never thought I'd say that) which others despise. Sadly we didn't have psych as a subject in high school, but is there any topic you particularly enjoy?

Please sir, ship me a puppy!

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I looked at the Zimbardo study in Year 12 when we were doing Conformity/Authoritarianism, the results were frightening, as were the results of the Milgram study; makes you realise what you believe about the inate ethics of humanity is misconstrued. I like the Evolutionary approach too, particularly when focused around Gender/Gender roles. I'd like to learn more about developmental psychology (particularly the very early years) or Psychopaths. I absolutely hate anything to do with numbers, but when psychology is involved I get round it.

Yes, erm, ma'am?

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Yes, ha ha, they are some of my favourites. I'm not sure that Milgram's obedience studies are as relevant today (we don't respect authority), but still that's a scary thought and explains a lot of the atrocities during wars. I'm doing a subject by the name of psychopathology next semester. Which sounds really exciting, although it may be lacking in like actual psychopaths:

The course provides an overview of the nature and history of abnormal behaviour and then examines the predominant models underlying our understanding of abnormality. Detailed descriptions and empirical research relating to a range of clinical problems form the core of the course. Topics include schizophrenia, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality, somatoform and dissociative disorders, and disorders of childhood. Presentations of clinical problems are supported by outside speakers or video based illustrations. There is an emphasis upon empirical evidence relating to the epidemiology, aetiology, and treatment of the clinical problems covered during the course.

So I may have to rewatch Silence of The Lambs, or any other psycho thriller for my hit. I really wish they had a Sociopaths, or criminal psychology subject. But maybe that's in criminology or something.

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Last year there was a school trip to go and talk to murderers in a prison. I was too shy (damn acne) to go, but wish I had now, imagine how cool that would've been! Yeah, Criminology is criminal psychology. I did a taster lesson at a Uni a few years ago for it, but we didn't learn about psychopaths, just the theory that all criminals look the same with floppy jowls and general unattractiveness (?!)

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