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A Little Better



So the 2 newer pimples popped tonight. Sounds gross, but I'm gladd because I realized they weren't cysts but just stubborn pimples. I didn't know what to use, so I have some good ol' manuka honey as spot treatment.

I did another sandalwood mask (a sample sent from Pratima), and I really love how smooth my skin is after. Though, I would not recommend this product if you have acne all over. It would probably make it worse...but then better! lol. The only "tingly" sensation I felt was my T-zone which is totally fine. Then I skipped finacea and applies pratima rejuvenating moisturizer. I really love this stuff. It's not greasy at all, really sinks in my skin as I gently rub it in for a few minutes until it's all absorbed. I didn't know moisturizer could feel like this!! I'm completely

I've found something interesting. When my face was full of tons of clogged pores and blackheads everywhere, I would have "smooth" skin (if I didn't have pimples), but it wasn't glowing. I mean, you couldn't easily distinguish the clogged pores. Now, since all that junk is out of my skin, I can see the bump of a clogged pore/blackehead. It's weird, but cool. Before, if I stretched my upper lip it was loaded with them and just nasty. Now, I can see a blackhead thing forming and can extract it and it's gone. A few days ago I had a clogged pore/comodome thing on my forehead that just sat there for a few days, and extracted it so the bump is healed and not there anymore. So this is good I guess because I can see a pimple in its like baby baby stages, before it will actually turn into a pimple.

I haven't been that great about sleeping on my back and not letting my face touch the pillow. I haven't been for actually a month now haha. I still get these super tiny bumps along my jawline, but I'm wondering if that's from the run off of soap/moisturizer or something not comletely being washed off. Also had a few bumps on my temple/hairline. Maybe going to try to sleep on my back again.

I ordered Pratima's essential oil for face (was like 34 bucks for a teeny bottle!!!) and the essential body oil (21 bucks) so I hope those will be good investments. I imagine they will be since it's getting into winter (in san diego lol) even after moisturizing my face it still seems a little dry.

Ok so tonight:

Washed hands with soap and hot water (i always wash my hands and fingernails thoroughly for 20 seconds before washing/touching my face. Do this!!! don't put grubby nasty hands on your skin).

Removed makeup generously with bioderma. LOVE THIS STUFFF!!!!

Rinsed face with luke warm water and papaya soap.

Sandalwood mask for 10 minutes. Rinse off. Pat towel dry.


spot treat with manuka honey.

Sounds good. Hopefully tomorrow the spots will look better. G'night!


Recommended Comments

So it's not bad as you first feared then. That's good to hear.

What do you reckon to Manuka as a spot treatment? I don't often use it on spots although do cleanse with it most nights. Sometimes if I put it on spots, the redness goes down a little but I don't think it does a great deal for me.

I know what you mean about sleeping on your back and things. I have to sleep on my back most nights if I've got some form of cream or something on my face. This week it's pretty much been covered and I've hardly slept. I don't remember the last time I slept properly - comfortably - without some kind of product on my face.

That might be part of the problem. Maybe I should just give up, sleep however I want and actually get a proper nights rest. I always sleep on my back and it never seems to make much of a difference for me. Worth trying to maintain that if you know it does influence things for you though.


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wow, I really need to write these blogs when I'm awake and don't make so many mistakes! haha I swear my writing skills are usually much better :) Yes, I believe they aren't as bad as I feared!

Well, it seems that when I first started using manuka it was amazing. I think it still is really good as a spot treatment, but I'm not sure about using it all over anymore. I remember having a few clogged pores right in my T-zone and nose after doing a manuka mask. So, is there anything else you're using to treat your skin?

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These days, I use La Roche-Posay face wash in the morning and Manuka at night. I usually add a few drops of Tea Tree and Jojoba to the Manuka. If my skin's dry in a morning, I use a very small amount of Jojoba but it's not that often I need it. I use Isotretinoin gel as a spot treatment. Gone mental with it this week so my skin's really sore and cracked. :doh:

Not forgetting the supplements - vitamin A through Z (feels that way ;)) and fish oil - and of course Doxycycline, which evidently doesn't work miracles and can't beat my acne if I continue to pick my skin and fight against it like a complete tool...

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Yes, the tretinoin gel can be harsh if it's overused. I have some that I only use on spots which works well, but it makes the skin around the pimple peel a lot. I'm glad I switched to the finacea because it's the first acne treatment/medication that doesn't make my skin red at all or peel. Maybe dry sometimes.

I need to get on my vitamins again. I just HATE taking pills.

I noticed a few more of those weird pimple things, with two new ones on my neck/jawline that just showed up today. I'm thinking these are from wheat or an allergy because they aren't genuine pimples just kind of swollen little lumps...? They just came out of no-where... Anyways, it's motivation for me to go to the store and buy my gluten free food again haha.

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