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Day 4/5



Sorry I forgot to post yesterday so I'll just include both days in todays post.

Day 4/5

So last night I went to see Steve Aoki and it was pretty fucking dope. I took my mom's advice and didn't drink, but I took an edible before. I was super blazed by the time I got there and accutane+cottonmouth+dehydration=misery. My lips were so dry and I had no saliva to make them wet lol it was pretty shitty but whatever the show was sick.

As for my acne its looking pretty good right now. I haven't had any new actives since being on accutane, but hopefully I don't jinx myself and get the infamous initial breakout. My face is mostly red bumps from previous acne. Im not sure if these are going to come out of my skin in vicious pimples or fade away. The left side of my neck is still kinda shitty looking but theres nothing too unbearable. The acne on my shoulder, chest and back is definitely looking better. They seem to be losing size and turning into little red bumps. Hopefully these can disappear soon.


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