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Oh, It's The Final Countdown (Day 104)



Well, I'm not feeling particulaly eloquent or funny tonight, so I thought I'd throw some photos at you guys until I can do a proper blog.

So for Movember (fundraising event for men's health, for those not in the mo know), on Sunday morning I helped Flatemate cook biscuits to take in for morning tea. He's not very adept at cooking (yet), and was also more than a trifle hungover under the weather, which meant that I pretty much did all the mixture-making and the cleaning, and four trays' worth of biscuit-shaping, leaving him to do two trays. The cleaning was the thing that really shitted me off; I was doing him a favour donating 6 hours plus of my time to bake these things for his morning tea, and he kept saying "I'll do the cleaning up in a bit", and when midnight came around and it still wasn't done I cracked it, and had to at least put away the perishables, wipe down the benches and rinse stuff so that we didn't get ants. And then when the end of the next night came along and the dishes still weren't done, I cracked it again and did all the washing up. Alone. Ragh! I love him as a person, but sometimes he's a selfish git of a housemate.

Anyway, despite me making up the ingredients, having to hand-cream the butter and sugar and not sieving the flour, etc. (I am yet to purchase a sieve), the biscuits turned out beautifully, so that night I once again helped him decorate the biscuits. We iced them with chocolate icing, then used chocolate sprinkles as the bristles, they looked pretty groovy, although Housemate admitted his looked like a small (hungover) child had done them, haha! Very occasionally I'd put a tiny sprinkle of coconut on one to give them a salt-and-pepper appearance, which was funny.

This weekend has been pretty average. Last week's bad news has set me back a bit, time to put the denial cloak back on (it's a bit like an invisibility cloak but more commonly found). Still, I've got the Spicks and Specks (funny Australian music game show) gig to look forward to tomorrow night, which is freaking awesome. And I'm taking along two of my closest girlfriends, S and M (hehe! S&M), so that will no doubt be a lot of fun and frivolity. Plus, I get to sit up the front and close to Adam, Myf and Alan! Can't go wrong!


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I am very impressed with your mocookies biscuits. How on earth did you shape them, they all look so perfect.

Yeah, I'm with you on the selfish housemates thing. I've waited days for them to do dishes, then I just give in and do them. But we shouldn't, we should punish their bad behaviour by releasing thousands of geckos into their bedrooms for every dish never washed. That would teach them, AyeAye!! Then refuse to do the dishes for months on end. Although I think I'd have an aneurysm, because I'm sure they could go for weeks happily never doing dishes or any cleaning whatsoever.

I once thought about charging them for my cleaning services, but then realised that I look far too Spanish and that would probably insult my people (because I'm black) and I wouldn't want to perpetuate any negative stereotypes (More Lemonpledge. No, No, No, No Sir).

Hmm, jealous over Spicks and Specks. So quit rubbing it in! *sticks fingers in ears and feet over eyes and hums the pink panther*

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*screams at the pink panther humming*

Omg, those biscuits :o They're so beautiful! although there's a distinct lack of Hitler moustache (which is probably a good thing, it would be awkward if you were given that one by someone). They're edible and fun, what more do you need in life? I'm actually starstruck, but in a biscuit way, I'm not joking. I'm over excited now so I'm going to go look at a custard cream to calm down.

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aaaaah stunning biscuits well done! i love baking not that im any good at it! but well done.

and men and dishes just dont go together, but u knew that right?? oh and did i mention men saying theyll do something and then do it on the first time also never happens?

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Ah women. Quit thinking that men should do things. You're only going to let yourself down.

Oh, and what exactly are you all doing out of the kitchen?! :P

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Haha! I used moustache-shaped biscuit cutters. Yes, such a thing actually does exist!

Ugh, Om you just described it perfectly. Jut recently I went away for three weeks on holiday, and I shit you not my housemate didn't once do the dishes. I know he didn't, because although I'd done the dishes the night before I left, I left my coffee mug there in the morning that I flew out (he doesn't drink coffee), and it was still there three weeks later! In addition to that every single piece of crockery and cutlery was stacked up next to the sink, it was horrible. He must've washed individual items when he needed them?! I was so livid, and so horrified by it (I own all the crockery, cutlery, in fact everything in the unit except what's in his bedroom) so I had to clean them. It took me two hours to do all the washing up. It still makes me shudder thinking about it.

I don't mind if his room is messy, or even his bathroom, but the kitchen must stay clean, with dishes at least rinsed.

Oi! You leave the geckos alone; you release them in their rooms and they might never come out alive :o

I once thought about charging them for my cleaning services, but then realised that I look far too Spanish and that would probably insult my people (because I'm black) and I wouldn't want to perpetuate any negative stereotypes (More Lemonpledge. No, No, No, No Sir).

Bahahaha!! This had me in stitches Señor Lemonpledge!

...there's a distinct lack of Hitler moustache...

Heeey it was the "Chaplin" before it was worn by Hitler, I'll have you know! Hehehe why thank you! They did look very cute, and they were for a good cause so I should stop being such a whinger.

Yay! I've never made someone biscuit-struck before! Thanks Faithgirl! I'm actually an average baker too, which is why I felt the need to gloat about my mo biscuits ;)

Hahaha! Om, dangerous ground my friend, your kind are drastically outnumbered here :P

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Wow, moustache biscuit cutters. That is pretty cool...My gosh golly, that is the single most horrifying thing I've heard. He used every dish in the house! He left them all for you to do. Wow, that makes me angry. Did you at least angry glare him when he was home, or give some cutting remarks on how you spent several hours of your life cleaning up after him?

Paul? Where are you? The msnggjioehasdfjlkajds club needs to assemble! First point of order: women must be kept in line. They should be seen and not heard. Performing domestic duties on tap, and rewarding us with beer as we enter our homes, followed by a delicious home cooked meal. I'm not exactly sure how this relates to the main point of our club (about advocating for the rights of the male proportionally challenged), but if women are living in good order, then they can adjust our clothes, as we see fit. There we go. First policy put forward.

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Fear not, dear Om! As the co-founders of the msnggjioehasdfjlkajds club, you are correct to state that we should assemble. Although this does not directly relate to our initial objective, an opportunity to stress the need for our clothes to be adjusted should not be squandered.

Perhaps some kind of trade would meet approval - I would certainly be willing to do the dishes if someone were willing to adjust my jeans so that they fit my skinny being in the properly fiiting manner. Indeed, I believe I would make a good housemate. I'm tidy and I clean up after myself, I do the dishes and I certainly would not leave them for weeks. At worst, they would be left until the following morning had I not bothered the night before, but a margin of mere hours should be acceptable, I feel.

In closing, I hope that this continues to bring the troubles of the skinny man to the attention of those who would otherwise pass by in ignorance, and I hope it also stresses the importance of selecting your housemates only after careful consideration.

Meeting adjourned!


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Ha ha, yes!! I knew I could always count on you Paul.

You've given me an idea...I could even design a new test battery for housemate selection. "Do you think it is cool to leave your personal belongings around the lounge-room?", from 1 "That's totally cool" to 5 "No, that's not cool man". But I may have to make them more subtle so they don't bias the results: "If you owned an elephant, how important do you think it is to clean it?", "When at a takeaway restaurant, do you leave your rubbish on the table?" throw in a few distractors "How often have you seen the movie Mary Poppins?". Perfect.

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Unblvbl, whenever I read your comment about all the dishes not done for 3 weeks and you having to do them when you get home from holidays it just makes me really mad. I mean really mad. I'm not reading that comment anymore. Its out of bounds for me.....

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