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How To Be Successful At Everything, The Kindergarten Edition



Want to be successful in life? Well, it's all about marshmallows. There were these trendy psychologists at Stanford in the 1970s who were looking at this lofty notion of delayed gratification (e.g. mmm, I really want to eat that delicious piece of chocolate cake, but I'll wait till after I go to the gym/do dishes/study/clean/work, etc). Well, psychologists love food, and they also enjoy being just a little cruel, so they sat 4-year olds in a room and told them that they can either eat one marshmallow now, or wait for the researcher to return to the room and eat two. Most kids either ate it immediately or stared at it for 30 seconds, then devoured it. Some even lasted for several minutes. However, only one third of the kids lasted a full fifteen minutes before the experimenters returned. So what?


Those kids who lasted the fifteen minutes were less likely to be obese, have behavioural problems, be addicted to drugs, or be with-child during high school. They scored about 200 points higher on the SATs than the those kids that just devoured the marshmallows straight away. In their 30s, they were less likely to have health issues, they were more likely to have a healthy BMI, less likely to be jailed, and more likely to be rich. The impatient little ones, they were addicted, poor and single parents. So the question is, would you wait?

I'd like to think that I would. But I can't help but to think that I wouldn't at the same time. I can't help but to eat some ginormous amount of potato chips, I always intend to jog daily, but I never do. I should be studying right now, but no. So I may have gobbled that marshmallow down.

Yesterday, I spent the day happy. I got some decent results at uni, I got a nice phat pay-check. I also emailed our realtor and they extended our vacate date by 2 weeks (it's now on a much nicer 14/01). I spent half the day cleaning, went to the gym with my favourite roomie (let's call him J-Dawg), and had lamb cutlets for dinner. I also bought a mini desk fan, a new vacuum cleaner, got a haircut and an excel physics textbook. I think it was a productive day, considering I got up at 11.

My skin is looking rather nice right now. The seb derm has all but disappeared, and I haven't developed any new pimples. The old ones are oh-so-slowly withdrawing their troops. So I've decided I will photo update tomorrow or Saturday.

Ok, I'm going to write a goal list so I actually do something relevant to study today:

  • Read and do the exercises for the first chapter of physics
  • Read through Bonds and do exercises for chemistry
  • Read Catch-22 and Pygmalion (my excuse is that you're supposed to be well read so that you can write killer essays and be awesome at comprehension and verbal reasoning)
  • Do a third of a practice MCAT verbal reasoning exam (they're like 85 minutes long!!)

I also want to play some piano, and mop the house. Lol, that's a lot of goals, I'll do half of them.

Have a good day ya'll.


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I love the marshmallow test! And I love the video, it's so cute. The last five seconds made me laugh so much; the kid's expression is so pained! Poor little tykes. Fifteen minutes?! That's a long time to be doing nothing, even as an adult. Seeing as I'm not obese, addicted to drugs (caffeine doesn't count!), and I don't have behavioural problems, health issues, or an unhealthy BMI, and I haven't been jailed or pregnant yet, maybe I would've lasted... Although the fact that I don't particularly like marshmallows might've helped ;) If it were an olive, on the other hand, now that would've been a real test of willpower. I don't know about SATs (we don't have that here?)... but "be rich" is on the To Do list, right under "get a real job".

Wow, you had a very productive day, well done! Especially on the vacuum cleaner (which I always go to spell as "vaccuum") and cleaning, the gym visit and the good results. Although "some decent results" makes me suspicious. Were there others that were... indecent?

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I'm not really sure what the equivalent is here, but 200 is 1/12th of the full score. So maybe like 8.5 entry points higher (ATAR, ENTER, UAI, blah blah blah).

I know, that sounds so cruel. Fifteen entire minutes, it was so amazing how the little kids distracted themselves. Lol, I think I like the twins the best. They were so hypo, and just kept looking at the other one as if to check that they weren't cheating. Olives! urgh. I was thinking that too, but I think I remember liking them a whole lot more. If they were toasted marshmallows I definitely would have given in within the first 2 seconds.

You'll be rich. Think mines, selling your very soul to them, several of them. You'll be paid in houses and ferraris, or you could save up and buy your own mine. Then host several dinner parties in it and charge people for entrance.

I'm not fond of credits, they are so indecent that they burn my eyes. But I was happy given it was probably the most difficult semester I've ever had, and will do. Next semester is all electives. Yay! So none of these core, dull and hard third year subjects... I know, I'm rather drawn to my new vacuum cleaner, it's this sexy metallic maroon colour, and it's super skinny and lithe. It makes me look good whilst doing my domestic duties. Which has also been a primary concern in my life. I now feel relieved.

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Hey I saw a doco once with that experiment but it was with chocolate bars. My brother and I were tortured by our parents as children. We were never allowed sweets or chocolate except for 3 pieces of chocolate picked out from the big tin of quality street chocs (I guess equivalent of Milk Tray) every friday night. It was amazing because the tin of chocolates never ever seemed to get lower each week and it wasn't until we were older that my mum admitted that when my bro and I went to bed, she and dad used to polish off the tin and then buy a new one for the coming friday. I'm pretty sure they would have failed the marshmallow test.

congrats on your 'some' decent results and double congrats on the new hoover purchase. I'm impressed!

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Lol, that is rather cruel. Your parents would have made great developmental psychologists! I'm totally doing that to my children. They will be experimented upon, I won't need consent because they're mine. mu ha ha ha...

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