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Bleh... Bleh Bleh



So after being sick yesterday i woke up feeling alot better, the chickenbone stuck in my throat felt more like a marble today and the fever subsided so felt more alive... fever is my worst hey , knocks me out ...

So I get to work (20 min late due to accident) to find that on Monday in my feverish state I had made 2 stuff ups which cost the company money... shocking i tell u ! just shocking!

Booked installation for the wrong day this week so boss had to pay her own installers... and ordered the wrong fabric for a cushion....

well thats how today started... good thing it got better ( dead quiet so I couldnt make any more mistakes crazy.gif )

Now Im actually quite intelligent at work ill have u know.. good with clients... and paperwork ( though not too neat) and i generally dot my is and cross my ts but sometimes poop happens and usually on a week u really dont need it hey.. anyhoo

Is there anything of interest i can tell you...mmmmm

Oh freek couldnt believe on glee the other day they sang Friday.... gotta throw up on Friday ( thats my version) what a sad sucker song...

no that was not the interesting bit of information.

Going to folks on Saturday ( you know you have nothing useful to tell when you are hopping to the weekend hey) and after that comes sssuuuuundaaaay... man Rebecca how annoying!

we are gonna go out for a nice dins and im working in the morn ... next weekend going to Hermanus for the day again.

Other exciting news is Im decorating mother in laws lounge, ordering fabrics etc to go with her ooba fancy persian rug... not my scene style wise but hey what are decorators for if not to make the best they can of a bad situation lol!

No im being a drama queen razz.gif the luxurious fabrics etc are gorgeous!

Im still a bit shocked at my skin, pleasantly so, U know when it all seems so good for a while, well i usually dont! my skin usually has a run of a week or 2 that looks good followed by a face full of zits the following week, well I can say that from before we went away its been looking good thats like a full month!

its so nice not to worry so much when makeup fades around end of day etc that big red swollen marks are going to be showing through... i sort of forget about my face now and focus on more important stuff like blogging... but will still rock one day if/when i can go without makeup...

i have always envied those naturally beautiful women with that perfect smooth skin and naturally silky straight or curly hair that needs little to no attention.... and then theres the rest of us, battling through life with red splotchy faces, insecurities and hair that needs ghding wearing maternity wear to hide that extra indulgance we have just had... oh sorry im waffling again....

I had better leave you with a thought for the day then be off eusa_think.gif

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Gah! That song is so annoying. I'll be happy if I never have to hear or be reminded of it again :P

Good work on the skin front!

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