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Day 132 - Last Few Lesions Healing :)



had a visit to the derm yesterday, and been prescibed another 8 weeks. I knew this would happen but I was a bit annoyed that I have to take the full 6 months. But I am still getting the odd small spot so it will be worth it to be completely free and clear. still on same 40g dosage.

Skin is actually looking great I must admit, I'm really happy! Few dents there and there from scars. Once I have finished accutane I will see how bad it is and look into scar treatment, or at least getting a few facials to improve tone.

I've definitely noticed my hair is thinner, which is a bit distressing but I was warned. Luckily I have very thick hair so it's not noticable to others.

Dry skin as usual - lips are under control. Aquaphor has been my lifesaver, I've just bought another batch off ebay. I highly recommend it to anyone starting accutane I wish I had it earlier when I really suffered with my lips.

Nose bleeds are less frequent, muscle aches have gone. It seems I have metabolised isotretinonin!!

8 more weeks :)


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