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I'm not really a sporty type of person. I like playing sports, but I get frustrated because I'm not the best at them. And I always have to be the best at everything. Which is why one of my favourite sports is tennis, because I'm better than most of my friends, so I actually enjoy it. I'll have a go at most other sports, but I don't particularly play much else on a regular basis. Today, at work, we had Hydro Olympics. Which was actually quite fun. I got to push, pull, and prod my client around the pool, and we came second in a race (because I started running up the pool and dragging my client with me) which I don't think they counted. But we came second, that's all that matters. Our team also won the rob-the-nest type game. So a day well spent. Except the fact that I didn't: (a) bring enough money for the day, and (b) we forgot sunscreen and a spare pair of underwear. I may get a mild bashing next time I work, for such amateurish mistakes, but considering it was only my second day shift with said client in about a year, I think I'll be forgiven. Oh, I also got a free cupcake off my roommate's girlfriend (who is a full-time assistant at my work) and scored a couple of chilies from their garden and a copy of Catch 22. Not to mention the free lunch and drinks at Hydro Olympics. All-in-all it was a day full of bonuses. How can I possibly complain?

Sadly, I also got a bit of free sunburn. I'm afraid this may be so severe that it will peel. So I shall soon be a flakey, cancerous, brown demi-god (I'm thinking much like an old Golden Buddha, whose tarnished skin is chipping away). Which reminds me of The Mummified Monk of Koh Samui. The story goes that this monk was an inspiration to the whole of the island. He was a buddhist teacher who prior to becoming a monk, was a local family and business man. In 1973, at the age of 79, he sensed that his death was imminent, so he called upon his students to carry out his last wishes. They were, that if his body was not decomposing, that they leave him displayed in a temple, as inspiration for others to follow Buddhism and be saved from suffering. He then spent a week in meditation seeking enlightenment, without food and water. He died in his meditation position, and he has not decomposed (well he has a little) but considering it's been about 40 years, and he just sits in a glass box, it's quite amazing. I thought that their must be some other explanation to it, like that he was simply in an air-tight, temperature controlled container (but no, it's just a glass display case), or that they had used some sort of preserving chemicals (formaldehyde?). But it doesn't seem like that would have occurred either. So I'm still stumped by the mystery of this monk. I want to be immortalised!


So apparently the douche-bag roommate will be living with us for another six months. I was disappointed when I found this out. But his attitude seems to be getting better, as his pot-smoking girlfriend has left for Argentina, and he's found a new job. Which is good because I think he really hated his old job. So maybe he'll generally be a nicer person and contribute to housework more now that he's smoking less pot. But this also means we now have to find a house, which is what I didn't want. Because they're large and require more cleaning and involve maintenance of lawns and gardens and everything. Sigh.

Well, that's it.


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Okay it's not letting me embed the video. I might've used the wrong dimensions and now it's not letting me edit it. Good song though, good song.

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Lol, yes, it is true. It was suicide. The glass cabinet isn't air tight so I don't know how they'd administer it. I mean I guess they could give him a certain amount of exposure to it per day (pump gas into his chamber at night) and perhaps that would slow the decomposition.

Oh, I just found some interesting info about Japanese monks. They'd go on a special diet and exercise to strip their body of fat. Then ingest a type of poison that maggots didn't like. But it looks like it takes a significant amount of time, and this guy apparently did it in two months. Still, it could have been a highly specialised diet, coupled with some time in some sort airtight oven before going on display.

I like that song. The video clip is really cool. Very retro. I edited it for you. :)

Sadly, I don't think I really have a choice. Everyone would despise me if I kicked him out. ha ha, I'm sure I can live another 6 months with him anyway. I've lived with him for like 2 years already.

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My laptop is really slow and when I clicked on your blog it skipped to the bottom of the entry. I saw a picture was loading, presuming it was a skin update, and turned my attention to the TV for a second. When I turned back the first half was loaded and I thought "Omg, what has happened to Ominous's skin!" I was so freaked out. However, after scrolling up and reading the story-very interesting!

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Ha ha, that's hilarious! Yes, I was undergoing a new therapy (a little more hardcore): cover my face in actual bleach, this was the glorious result. Completely acne free!

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Yay....another blog entry...you're putting some of us to shame.

That is so weird. On monday at Toastmasters we were just talking about Catch-22 and I was saying how I have 3 copies of the book (have got 2 as presents) and have read it about 100 times. I sometimes get a bit confused though and call it Catch-21 but I ALWAYS get sayings slightly wrong. I love to mix my metaphores.

And I can't believe that no one has mentioned the raybans on the monks face. He would be rolling in his glass case if he knew that he was being used as a consumerism advertising store mannequin.

Golden Brown always reminds me of a garage sale I had a few years back. I was selling the best of the Stranglers on CD and a woman picked it up and said "oh, I love the Strangers"...and I said "Stranglers" and she said, "no, its Strangers, see?" Showing me the front of my CD. I replied "oh yes, so it is, my mistake. $5 if you want it seemings as you love The Strangers so much". She bought it.

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Lol, The Strangers, what a deal. I'll lay off the blogging for today. I sense little enthusiasm...so you can now blog...cool. :P

Yeah, I thought that too. The ultimate irony. But they were no doubt a $2 pair of rip-off sunnies. So he may be supporting local prosperity (raybans, raybans, you there you want raybans, come here buy raybans, YOU RAYBANS). They also sold little trinkets next to the temple. But I think they were using the money to support some cause.

Excellent, I'm now excited to read this book! I thought it would be kind of "heard/seen it before", but I'll have to dive into it.

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Thanks for fixing the link Om! Yup, love that song. Even thought it's retro, it sounds like it could've been released this year. Very well made.

Wow. A slow and painful death by starvation and poison just so the poor little larvae can't have a munch on you. Selfish, really, when you think about it. What happened to the circle of life? ;)

I'm guessing they Bay Rans are there to hide his gapingly-empty eye sockets. I guess it's a better option than a sleeping mask?

Love the story about the "Stranglers", haha! But why would you sell that CD?!

And Om, there is lots of enthusiasm, lots! Blast, I was getting so used to opening up and seeing an Om blog entry notification. Damn! Just goes to show; when you take things for granted, you run the risk of having them taken away. ...Please Sir, I want some more?

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What the hell? You get comment after comment and you have the cheek to say that you sense little enthusiasm? There's enthusiasm my friend......just look at unblvbl...thats enough enthusiasm even to entice me to blog!

Why was I selling it? Hmm...well to be honest it was when me and the ex had decided to move in together so we were garage selling all our multiple items. Couches, kettles, toasters, The Best of the Strangers CD..... Maybe we should have kept it all afterall ;)

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Lol, sorry, I interpreted your "..." as suggestive that you were being sarcastic. Like yay "long pause" another blog entry "long pause" your putting some of us to shame.

Ha ha, well, don't worry. I will be so bored tomorrow that I'll definitely write one.

@unblvbl: Yes, a slow painful death by starvation and poison. He is depriving nature of some nutrients. Plus Buddhists shouldn't be confined to their vessels, they're supposed to achieve enlightenment or something aren't they? Selfish of him, so selfish.

You're correct! He's wearing raybans so that the children don't get scared of his sunken eyes. I should think that I would like to be wearing a pair too, it says: "I may be dead, but I'm still rocking out!".

Ha ha, I'm glad you're so enthusiastic. I will do an extra long entry tomorrow! :D

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Yay... for more entries... from my favourite bloggers. Yup, totally see what you mean Om. Not nearly enough exclamation marks, 1s, underlining, bolding or italics.

Excellent! AyeAye and I (haha! Small things.) will also blog, won't we? Or at least she will, and I'll comment. Deal.

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