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Mmmm At A Blank For A Title.. Lets Call It.... Blank! And Snotroll!



now let me paint a pretty picture for you:

So here I am lying in bed toiletpaper shoved up each nostril, battling to swallow and shaking from fever.... feeling ever so sorry for myself strongsad.gif wheres my mommy when i need her or that pot of chicken soup for that matter! teehee

mmm a bit melodramatic u say... yeeeeaaaah i agree!

so lose the toiletpaper and the shakes.... and im still sick :(

maybe it was the emotional drama from fighting with my other half that further developed my sore throat which started last week... or maybe it was going out,chest open in a dress on saturday to the 80s show with the suffocating smoke machine streaming into my lungs .. oh well either way i have a slight fever and feel like poooo!

LOL its quite funny really, thinking back...the smoke machine used to be so wikicool... at raves and the sort one felt invincible dancing like a spaz in a thick ream of smoke... convinced they were in a cayote ugly movie,yes males and females alike... or maybe that was just from one too many shots...

well glad those days are over for me along with the dancing on the bar part of course banana.gif

many years of said entertainment takes its toll on a person and now i am quite happy to chose a night on the couch watching chick flix over that anyday! ok history lesson over...

back to the dress - i bought a gorgeous lil dress for saturday! my camera died so i couldnt take pic but sure someone took some so ill have to post pic soon, its coppery orange and twisty ( now that has u thinking he?) it hides most of the bad parts of my less than desireable curves that have developed over the past 7 yrs. How I long for the days I was 22 with my tiny little figure... wake up FG!! its called aging, along with new little sprouting grey hairs and that frown line on the forhead that just doesnt want to go away anymore :P yeah im painting a picture of a 57 yr old rather than a 27yr old, but some people just show signs of aging sooner than others, and im one of the unfortunate ones in that department! eusa_wall.gif

oh Gosh on the subject of saturday and the 80s show - they called up my husband on stage. he is quite a sport for things like that lol....

they played if you be my bodyguard by Paul Simon ( so love it!) and gave him this tiiiiiny trumpet which made the stupidest sound when he blew lol - and he had to do actions with this trumpet all through their performance... and when music stopped he had to pull a macho pose...man he had crowd in stitches as he really got into it - my sis actually taped on her phone... if she uploads vid ill try post here, was super funny!!!! my sisters boyfriend was just saying earlier in the eve he hates anything embarassing, well needless to say while this was going on he was almost hiding under his chair lol!!

On the skin front I am happy, yeah ive picked at a few spots so have a total of about 5 little red marks on my face but no big active zits at the moment or for the last couple of weeks. overall ive been super happy with skin lately and i have sucked at drinking water too so thats impressive... yeah thats it 3 lines out of a massively long blog on skin...in my skin blog....

On the home drama front, 2 stubborn oxes dont make for a happy life so eventually one or both need to take a good look in the mirror and start apologizing and humbling themselves, good news is with Gods help we are both looking at ourselves and both apologized and will actually both be going for some counselling with our lifegroup leaders from church so thats good news!! progress yes!! having been together for 10 yrs i think although we love eachother so much, there are always areas needing improvement and things that build up over time..and marriage is 100%100% not 50/50 so its easy to get stuck in a place where u want to give up... enter Gods power in our relationship and we know no matter how hard it gets we will keep doing what we can rather than throwing it away...

but humans are humans and alone we simply suck!! and pride is an ugly monster so my prayer daily is that I would be kept humble and a guard would be placed over my mouth so i dont make matters worse by lashing out from a place of hurt...

ok thats the long story short... family drama lesson is now over too genius.gif

mmm what else can i tell you... goodness im on a roll today and have like 8 hours to blog....sorrrry for yooou! and i think this is a good one....


You know sometimes you think oh my word this is the most boring blog of all times ...well like my last one really... u are so not into it and think u are going to bore people to sleep, infact u actually feel a bit bad for writing at all as people have to take time to clieck on the blog open it and then read only to discover content which really couldnt be less interesting, mmm maybe its just me then!... well this one seems so meaty hey? yeeeah probably just me waffling on about rubbish again lol....

mmmmmm so todays plan will consist of veging and netvlieging as my husband calls it... why you ask?

well his nickname for me has always been butterfly... so sometimes it develops into buttervlieg then all of a sudden when i spend time on net im netvlieging....yet more weird bit of useless information? yes!

I cant believe Christmas is around the corner and we are discussing with family who is going to bring what...where have all the cowboys gone? no wait thats a song... where has this year gone??

I cant believe how it has just flown by or how much time has been spent netvlieging and blogging shock.gif despicable i tell you! but what a joy it is to blog about useless rubbish.. and what a greater joy to know people actually take time out of their interesting lives 2 read this stuff!!

anyways i will leave you now guys, its obvious i have too much time on my hands and the coffee has set in and im just talking rubbish...although m heading off to get another cuppa now.... have a happy smiley day :)



That smiley looks in pain, look at the eyebrows, how they're inclining upwards. It's like he's sat on something sharp, like a lego cube or a plug, and the smile is simply to mask the immense pain because he's living up to society's pressure to be macho. He has lost his hair due to the stress of it all, and his nose (poor guy) but he has very nice skin to compensate. Sorry about that little rant, just that picture is very...engaging :lol: Back to the point, hope you feel better soon FG!

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Ah smoke machines. I'm sure we'll find out one day that they're carcinogenic. I'm avoiding them between now and then.

I can't believe Christmas is so close either. Started your shopping yet? I attempted to look for things today (so that I didn't have to study) and I have no idea. So stressful.

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Hehe Renn u are so funny! ive missed u!

Stom ( Stalker om) yeah ive started shopping but just buying a few crafty things through the decor store im working at so no i have not yet faced the masses at the malls yet, however as soon as im finished working on the 15th im there like a bear~! gonna try get it done before everyone hits the shops!

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Oh lucky you! You can just give people stuff from your store. Ha ha, like a bear. That's the kind of attitude you need. Just intimidate everyone and roar at them if they get in the way.

Everyone has hit the shops already here. It's nuts, I now have to dodge teenagers as well, due to some of them being on holidays already (well so it seems).

Maybe I should have an eBay Christmas this year. Just order everything online so I can avoid the masses.

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oooooh good one, take alot here we come, can order music books etc online with free delivery oooooh

:) Good thinking Noddy!

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