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Acutane Week 1



During the first week of my Acutane I was soooooooo excited to start..I was aware of the initial breakout that was going to happen. Which it did, all of the pimples that were stuck inside came out, and I was perfectly fine with that! It deffinetley gets worse before it gets better, so be prepared and just know that it will be one of the LAST TIMES you will breakout :) During the first week be patient, be excited.. keep in mind that this is helping you to clear your face as well as prevent acne! MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR CHAPSTICK YOU'LL NEED IT BY THE SECOND WEEK! ;)

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I am on my second week now and feeling dry. At what point during the treatment did you see results and could I break out again even if I already did during my first week? 

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