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Day 16, 17, 18




Sorry I haven't been updating! I'm in University and barely have time for homework let alone updating :(

skin:a lot better actually. still really dry around my chin, but that is where my pimples are forming so there's definitely some kind of correlation there. My forehead and cheeks are pretty clear, it's just my chin.

side effects: my lips are still chapped. my skin is dry on my chin so badly. I load up the moisturizer before bed and during the day, so hopefully once all the pimples go it will stop being so dry. My back hurts at night sometimes, like it feels like I can't stretch it out all the way or something.

positives: my boyfriend said my face is so much clearer, and I agree. I'm glad that he noticed! He was hesitant about me going on it to begin with. I feel better today!



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