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i dunno whether its the accutane or what but this is how I've been feeling lately.

As well as having hardly any friends to hang out with, I'm jobless and grounded..

sooo yeah, i get up at like 10 or so in the morning, and have my smoke and coffee. then i feel sooo tired i can hardly walk.

i dont feel like doing anything at all, most days i just lie in bed and do nothing.

i dont really wanna go out or see people...

im just ALWAYS tired :(

i get these killer headaches that make my eyes so red, and i look like a stoner

man, i just want to to be summer already


:( That doesn't sound too good Mell. I don't know, maybe you could try and change your routine and see if you can get active. I know it's easy when there's no much to get out of bed for in a morning, believe me, but I bet it doesn't do us much good at all if our bodies are always in a state where they're kind of shut down.

Plus, if you did start being more active and got the energy levels going again, you'd be able to find out for sure whether or not the fatigue is due to Accutane or as a result of something else.

Anyway, hope you start feeling better real soon and best of luck getting something sorted on the job front! :)

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Ive been going through the same thing, I start crying for no reason, and feel so upset at just life! Try to just remember it is the acutane affecting you..and your not crazy ;) Even though the side effects suck..its the price we all pay for clear skin again..We will get through it :)

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awwh thanks guys, am feeling a bit better in the last few days :) am ungrounded now... and have stuff to look forward to

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