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Day 25 And Worst Needle Experience




I don't know if anyone had their derm do a two week accutane lab work check. This first month I will have had blood drawn three times- beginning middle, and end. Well for my two week blood draw I couldn't find time until this past week due to school. I am normally fine with blood and needles, the nurses complain about my small veins yet they always stick it on the first time. So at the lab I went through the same thing, the nurse before she sticks the needle in bitches about my veins. She stuck it and the blood fills the vile. After one she began asking me about my lab order and if I needed more. Having no clue, I answer I don't know. She gets frustrated and puts another vile in. However my blood flow is very slow. She decides to move the needle around while still in my arm. After not eating for 15 hours I started feeling sick watching this. She even pushed it further in. Not a pleasant site. After deciding this wasn't working she stuck my other arm and got two more draws of blood. My arm is still bruised and I am dreading going tomorrow for the end of my first month lab check. It is scaring me more then my term paper lol.

Well that was the most eventful thing so far. As for my face I had a pretty bad breakout this past weekend and made it difficult to go outside let alone be with my family. My skin is drying out now so a lot of the acne has been more mild whiteheads. I do have some lingering deep ones on my cheeks but they I feel are drying out as well. Despite feeling like my skin is going to crack it also feels too dry for more deep pimples to form. Hoping for a better week of clearing up. I am having some lower back pain which is odd. I haven't done much to stress that area. A few headaches but probably more school related. Well that's my update as my first month is coming to a close. Check up will be Friday and maybe bumped up to 60mg. Best of luck :)



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Awww man that made me cringe. I'm so sorry :( hope that doesn't happen again. Getting my blood drawn always makes me lightheaded, but I haven't had any horror stories like that. That's awful!

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yeah the blood drawing went well yesterday :) I guess I have small veins or hard to find ones so the nurses get frustrated. Only four more blood drawings if things go well :) Can't believe almost done with one month!

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