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Day 8



The only pimples bothering me are the humoungus ones on my lower right cheek (jaw), the one under my right eye (far to the right) and the one under my left eye ( far to the left) this cannot be an initial breakout as they started slowly forming when I first started Spiro! It's so frustrating because they're soooooo big!!!! And they hurt!!!!!!!! ESP the one on the jaw because the ones that miamly Hurt are when I get them on my cheeks, jaw, sometimes it hurts on the chin too. And usually the chin area us my main problem!!!! But right now I only have a tiny whitehead on my chin. Scars are fading from the last breakout.

Oh by the way! Whenever I'd get these big painful acne, I would take aleve to take the swelling down working one to three days!!! But this time I can't since I am on Spiro!

Let's see how it looks with makeup on... :( dun dun dun....

Skin still looks flaky ESP around the pimples... The one on the jaw looks dark even with concealer and powder on :( I think I'm going to call off work so I can just stay home and let these heal...


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