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First Week



So before I started taking Spiro, I went on a weekend vacation from the 18-20 but 2 days prior to that, I was on my T.O.M. During my vacation, I was up til' the morning (and the lord knows how much I am afraid of not getting sleep b/c of breakouts) Also, I wore makeup for 3 days straight (even while sleeping/napping, which scares me too b/c of breakouts).

So when I got home, all my white heads or closed comedones were more inflamed than usual, four in each cheeks, a few under left eye and two under right eye. I also formed a pimple on my left cheek (which was the left overs from when I had my t.o.m, that was my breakout but I popped it) but then it came right up on the 20th, but at the end of the night, I was able to pop it, which left a red mark.

I started taking Spiro on Monday Nov. 21st (Day 1)

However, I woke up with a hard round red thing on the right side of my nose, and mind you, my face is very oily esp. on the nose! but! i have never once broken out on my nose, ever! so this was very surprising for me... the pimple on my left cheek that I popped was still a red scar and it was bumpy, and the inflamed comedones underneath my eyes were still inflamed, esp the one under my right eye. but this was the first day (morning) i took 100mg of Spiro.

Tuesday Nov. 22 (Day 2)

took Spiro 100mg in the morning, woke up with a hard pimple on top left of forehead, and the pimple on nose is still hard but more inflamed, and whitehead or closed comedones underneath left eye is getting bigger..

Wednesday Nov. 23 (Day 3)

took 100mg of Spiro, Same pimples, Nose hurts.

Thursday Nov. 24 (Day 4)

100 mg, Feeling super tired than usual, all I wanted to do is sleep. Thanksgiving Holiday/ Black Friday= No sleep, makeup on all night.

Friday Nov. 25 (Day 5)

Took an extra 100mg of Spiro at 130 am because I felt a pimple on my lower right cheek forming...

Took another one at 12 pm, and found a lil pimple underneath my right tear duct. Put Obagi's clenziderm 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

Saturday Nov. 26 (Day 6)

took 100mg of Spiro at 9 am.

Everything is super red, all my marks are bright red and looks bigger, closed comedones underneath eyes became one big pimple (on each side) I hate when you can see spots underneath makeup! Mark on nose, around top cheeks, and lower cheek looks so bad and dark red! (time to slap on the retin-a!)

Sunday Nov. 27 (Day 7)

took 100 mg of Spiro at 10:30 am.

Face felt dry, throughout the day, peeling cheeks, and especially chin from too much retin-a! I got so annoyed at the marks that I slapped it on! however, when i got home to scrub everything off, marks looks less dark red, but pimples underneath both eyes are still there! and pimple on lower right cheek is still there!


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