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Day 23-Spiro



Things are good. My skin is pretty pleasant. Still not exactly clear, but I definitely can't complain. Im getting over that nasty cold, as well. Not to get too into detail, but every time I hack some alien fece looking hunk, I feel ten times better.

Im not taking any doxy, and haven't taken the prednisone in abour a week I think. The only things im taking are the spiro, and doing to duac- mostly just at night, but sometimes in the morning. It has stopped making my face look totally wrecked.... like there was a baboon but hiding under my skin..... and it actually makes and looks my skin look....dare I say it? A little "dewy". I typically hate...and I mean ruthelessly hate topical gunk. It just makes my skin red, and dry, and flat out irritated. I even hate to use lotion.... aveeno even drives my skin crazy. Duac is alright. I'd give it a positive review if I was into doing reviews. Although, I guess this is kind of a review. So, there you go, Duac.

I told myself this blog was going to be strictly about my skin related irritations, and it's evolved into more than that, I apologize. Im going to start using acne.org as my social networking and blogging hot-spot.

Yeah. And im also going to sign in using my facebook account, 'cause I want everyone to know Im always on an acne website.

Please. I erase the history before my man comes home from work. The last thing I need is for my other to be aware.....

"Are you still having skin problems hon? I told you, you should try that pro-activ stuff on tv."

If only she knew the slew of drugs i've taken to remedy the issue. I can't say im all that interested in pro-activ. Sorry Jessica Simpson. I don't buy it.

Were about to start our apartment search for operation Move Out in March. I'll refer to it from now on as MOM. Heh heh. Im so swift. I hate this place. Not really even the place. Our landlord had "issues" with the electric company again for the second time last week. Who doesn't pay the tenant's electrical bill when they pay it along with rent? Seriously?

In addition, id like to say HEY DAN! Where in the hell is the spell check button? I can use subscript or superscript, notify people there is a spoiler, twitter-fy, and whatever the Special BBBCode is, but I can't spell-check? W-T-H.


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No need to apologise, we bloggers love the additional social benefits that come with the territory. The grislier the better.

"...im also going to sign in using my facebook account, 'cause I want everyone to know Im always on an acne website" - Hahaha! So true. Why is that option even there?!

With the spell checker, I use an in-built one in my browser ;) Makes it so easy, the little red squiggly lines show me straight away where I'm going wrong. Cheating? Heck yeah!

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Hi I read your comment and it's nice to know there is a Spiro Blogger at the moment too! :) Did you experience an initial breakout by any chance?

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