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Day 18!



So! Today is day 18 on Accutane. The worst thing thats been happening is my lips. I researched the internet like crazy and found something called Bag Balm (I bought it at Walgreens) and its been really really helping. The second I don't have something on my lips though, they feel like they are on fire!!

Other than that, I feel like I'm having hair loss. I bought all these special shampoos for it and I use special body moisturizer to wash instead of soap! But my body is definitely reacting to it.

I also use jojoba oil on my face before I go to sleep and if I have a dry patch I put some Aquaphor on it. This has been helping like no other!! I'm not really dealing with dry skin besides the lips.

As for my acne, it comes and goes. Some days I will wake up and look pretty clear and others I will wake up with two or three zits. Its really weird?

I hope everyones having an amazing thanksgiving!!

I just turned in all of my UC college apps so fingers are crossed!!


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