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I am 19 years old..... i had acne from the time i hit puberty.. probably a little worse then most kids my age, but not horrible. My acne was controllable till I turned 15. At that age my acne erupted into a mess that covered me from forehead to chin. i became a emotional mess.. it was some of the worse acne i had ever seen with my own eyes. i fought it with benzoyl peroxide but it got worse, i tried other ointments and oral antibiotics but no improvement, my face soon began to bleed and became infected. I was so upset it made me hate myself. I switched dermatologists because this one was watching my face get worse and worse. This new dermatologist was upset with the situation he saw and let me know that the other dermatologist had overlooked a serious staph infection in my skin. He put me on antibiotics and told me that my face was most likely going to be scarred from the acne i have. He told me acne was most likely the only medication that would clear my face quick enough to save it from brutally scarring my skin. I was hesitant because of the side effects but was informed that all was temporary, and a 15 year old with potentionally deforming acne who cries themself to sleep every night was willing to take a medicine that would only cause temporary side effects. I took it and i saw improvement over the months. I experienced hair loss but was told it always grows back, Lies, i was told there was no long term side effects from accutane, lies, and i was told i would be ok once i got off the medicine, once again lies. So i have premature hair loss that i have been depressed about for years, stomach pain that went from occasional to very often to now my stomach hurts everyday. My back is in constant pain , and my mental stability is shattered. Not a day goes by that i dont wish god would end my life and save me from this misery that consumes me. i know not everyone has these problems, but i also know theres more then enough people out there that go through the exact same thing if not worse. Please dont take it, your acne does not make you, dont put your permanent health at stake for clear skin, its not worth it please don't, i dont want anyone to go through what im going through.


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