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99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall, 99 Bottles Of Beer... (Aka 100 Days Of Acne)



Raagh!! Accidentally went back and lost my entry. Hate that!

Okay, you may want to sit down for this. Oh, you're already sitting down? Good. Well, I developed acne out of the blue just under four months ago, and today is my one hundredth day of acne treatment. Yup, exciting stuff. I'm waiting for my surprise party, any minute now. Just let me know about it beforehand so I am wearing something respectable. A tad disappointed with my skin at the moment. Back and chest are fine, nothing serious new there (although ever time I get the slightest mark I freak out), but yesterday I had a couple, and then this morning I woke up to half a dozen fresh sites on my face, scattered in various locations. Happy anniversary, acne! Friday night I didn't do my usual routine because I was too inebriated tired, but I'm not blaming that for the outbreak; I think it's probably more likely to be a stress / hormones thing (4th white pill).

So the story behind my tiredness is that Friday night the professional association I'm a member of had its Christmas lunch, which involves and open bar, and a large group of very thirsty professionals. The lunch started at 12:00 pm, and needless to say at 12:01 pm there was a lineup at the bar. The beer was lovely and cold, and the venue very nice (an upmarket pub, with wooden tables and benches and absolutely gorgeous stone benchtops). Although we were in a private function area, our table was close to the schmucks public bar, so we couldn't hear all that much of the speeches/prize awarding, etc. But that didn't seem to matter all that much, because at about 2 pm the compere (excuse the lack of accent) had to be relieved because he was slurring too much). After the bar tab was run dry (at about 4 pm), we hung around and chatted a bit more, then eventually moved on to this very seedy bar, where further drinking and dodgy dancing took place until about 2:30 am. All in all, about fourteen hours of beer drinking (that's got to be a record for me), so needless to say the next day I was feeling, as my mum would say, "a little tired and emotional". It was certainly an... Interesting night. Being a minority (female in a male-dominated industry) meant I had to fend off more attention than I would like, which always requires a certain amount of tact and decorum (that I don't have). Yesterday I woke up to a text and two emails from three "colleagues", which is rather interesting since I don't give out contact details and they would've only had access to my first and last name from the name tag I was wearing. Not sure how to deal with that yet. I guess try to be aloof and professional, reply to the emails saying I had a lovely time and looked forward to catching up with them at the next industry event, and pretend I didn't get drunk and dance to "Get Low" on the dance floor of a seedy bar in the Valley.

I avoided the dreaded death-warmed-up hangover by sleeping in until 5 pm (Resery / AyeAye will be very impressed / disgusted by that), so that when I woke up I was dehydrated but nothing more. Score! I did however miss the brunch and video day I had planned with the girls though, so that was disappointing. Instead I had a quiet night in front of the TV and talking to an overseas friend on Skype. Today has been pretty busy;

  • Breakfast in the morning with housemate and his friend (I love this little cafe so much, but it's getting pretty popular these days. Boo, mine!)
  • Cleaned the house in preparation for a visit by the rental owners for them to install the now-fixed dryer (I seem to spend half my life cleaning, whereas my housemate mysteriously disappears whenever it is required).
  • Next I'll have to help my housemate bake moustache biscuits for a Movember morning tea he told everyone he would hold at his work (He doesn't bake. Or cook. Or know how to operate the oven), before
  • Going for a jog (hopefully this will happen, although I'm running out of time!), then
  • Going to the cinemas with my friend to see Breaking Dawn in Gold Class, which I've not tried before. Yes, I know it's terrible, but sometimes terrible is what I feel like.

I was thinking of putting up a photo montage of my skin over the 100 Days Of Acne, but that will have to wait because I'd rather not look in the mirror at the moment. Instead you can see what I had for breakfast (wilted spinach & eggs benedict, flat white), yay!


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Hey Faithgirl, you're back!! Okay just checked your blog, not one but two entries, woot!

It was, so good. I ate it all. And then couldn't move. Worth it! ;)

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Happy Acne Centenary!

Your weekend sounds flipping awesome. Except the whole colleagues hitting on you thing. Awkward.

Why do I read your blogs, I always end up craving your pictured foods. OMS that eggs bene looks divine. Even though I just went to a Christmas party. lol.

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Why thank you! I finally caved and did a gallery update for such a prestigious event, but unfortunately they're not as glamorous or with such an attractive subject of interest.

It was flipping awesome. Yeah, that was weird. I guess "colleagues" might be a stretch, but when you're in a small profession you may as well work in the same office, because you're still shitting where you eat (I apologise to the more dignified who might be reading this, but I figured that would be the most... descriptive... analogy ;)), so to speak.

Hehehe sorry! I don't get to head to the coast to get exotic photos of golden-sanded beaches like the rest of you lot, spoilt brats :P

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One day I'll upload pictures to my blog, when you lot upload beaches and beautiful views I'll upload a puddle of sick dripping off of a wonky paving slab outside my house, and when you upload tasty, nutritious looking meals I'll upload a soggy bowl of weetabix. Your hot chocolate has a leaf in it! An edible leaf pattern! I didn't know they could do such things?! The world is too technical :(

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Well I think you should consider faking the photos. Just photoshop yourselves at some exotic locale. Preferably with celebrities, and maybe even paste on a six pack? You'd get street cred. Think of the acne street cred people!

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I'm a HUGE fan of photo shop. I'm actually a man.

Unblvbl, congrats on an awesome post. So much to love, so much to see and so muhc to drool over. I'll take photos of food over photos of beaches any day.

You got 'after work function' emails and txts? Girl, you must have been on fire.... And yes, I'm shocked at the getting up at 5pm..... The only time I get up at 5pm is after a 30 minute *cough* 3 hour afternoon power nap....

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I am looking forward to your artfully-composed pictures of spew, and soggy Weetbix! There may be something wrong with me that that was said with complete sincerity. Another thing, I hate writing "that that". It looks so wrong. That's coffee, not hot chocolate! Sheesh. I know, it's very pretty. And tasted delicious. Ugh, need a coffee now, so tired. And hungry. And of course because all of the students have selfishly fecked off for summer, there's nothing open on campus. So hungry! I may have to eat my plant...

If I had, or knew how to use photoshop, I would totally do that. I could use some Org cred. Can't have this 50s housewife rubbish tarnishing my rep ;)

Thanks Aye! By the way, I didn't get to go for a jog, but the biscuits turned out awesomely.

I know!! I'm hot stuff. Apparently being the only girl in a group of a dozen guys means you've got pretty good odds. But surely it's just me, right? I had one techy call me "just gorgeous" and profess his unrequited desire for me (not one of the emailers, by the way). That was fun, if a little awkward. To be fair I'm pretty sure he'd consumed his entire weight in alcohol prior to the confession. I just want to put it out there that this does not normally happen to me. It's hilarious, and I'll admit, kinda enjoyable. Maybe it was the pencil skirt?

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I don't believe you....What with those huge beautiful eyes, long lashes, amazing eyebrows and incredible biscuit baking abilities you would have men throwing themselves at your feet all the time. You've proven that they are already willing to miss their train for you!

I saw your biscuit efforts on FB and I was mightily impressed. In fact, I'm off to "like' them as I speak *type*.

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Thank you, you are too kind. Maybe it's just my personality that puts them off ;)

To be fair, the biscuits were a bit of a fluke, since I made up the recipe (all the recipes on the web asked for weird stuff, like "cornflour" or "baking soda". Who has that in stock? ;) Why not just ask for tadpole eyes while you're at it?!

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Hmm...I have both those ingredients in my pantry. In fact I stock all the bakery loving goods in my pantry. And do you know why I always have them in stock? Because I never bake.... Nothing ever turns out... I'm a great cook but don't ask me to make dessert.....

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