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Day 19



I can't even explain how awesome it is to go out, knowing my skin looks better bare than before when I was wearing makeup. SUCH a good feeling.

Still dealing with dry lips, but they don't look awful or anything. Just a little chapped. Aquaphor has been a lifesaver so far. :)

The blackheads are being pushed out, which is basically gross -- but also super awesome. OH, and my pores have shrunk! I looked in the mirror today and totally flipped out, they're not giant anymore!

I went to see Breaking Dawn today, (don't judge me) and totally teared up at one of the previews (which wasn't even sad). Then I started thinking that over the past week or so, that's happened to me a lot... and at completely random things! Even a commercial once. SO, with me being a girl that normally doesn't cry everrrr, I'm thinking it must be the accutane. Kinda a funny side effect. I haven't been abnormally sensitive, or emotional... but I cry. :P

Hope everybody's having an fabulously awesome weekend!

~ Britt


Accutane or not, I'm judging you for watching Breaking Dawn. There's no excuse for that. At all. :D

I saw the first one and that was alright. I fell asleep watching the second one. That's not a reflection on the movie, it just happened. When I woke up, Jacob had cut his hair off and I thought it was a different character. I got confused and had no idea what was going on. Haven't seen the others...

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Hahahah, that made me giggle.

While I'm not obsessed with the series, I did read all the books -- and therefore must see all the movies. But hey, at least I didn't go opening night!

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