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Day 29 On My Regimen



So as you can see, this is just a quick photo update.

  • For acne: my problem areas are around my lips, chin, and my temples.
  • For seb derm: it's around my nose and eyebrows.
  • Improvements include my forehead, and between my eyes/eyebrows. These areas are fairly clear compared to what they used to be.

Overall, I think the regimen is slowly working, and I think I need to bump up the amount of BP I use and be careful to outline my lips (even though it's terrible if you get it on your lips!). I have also been slacking with the Selsun Gold treatment, thinking that the lack of stress and extra sun would vanquish the seb derm patches. However, I've decided that I will consistently do it for the next week.

Would anyone recommend doing the regimen during the day? I used to do it, but hated the time in the morning it takes and the being slimey/peely and extra sensitive to the sun. But I may do it again if it offers significant improvement over just the regimen at night.

P.S. I also get some pimples on my back, but I don't really mind those/can't really be bothered to use the amount of product and put in the effort it would require to get rid of them.


Recommended Comments

Another blog? What are we to do with so much love?

Now, onto your skin. Thank you for succumbing to peer pressure to submit more graphic photos. At least this time we are able to see one or two very tiny little pimples. But overall I think you have lovely skin, smooth, even toned and olive.

God damn all these people with olive skin...I get so jealous. Do you know that my dad is indian? Yes, thats right Indian. With nice dark indian skin....and what do I get from him? Lovely dark skin?- No - white and freckly. Deep brown mysterious eyes? - No, wishy washy grey. Natural ability to dance? - Yes, but only in my head. Dark hair? - well yes, I have that but unfortunately it has little white bits through it these days so lets not go there.

But go on tell me that your mum may have winked at an italian once and so therefore you've inherited olive skin. Yup, thought so.

And finally, whats with all you kids with great eyebrows? If you havent noticed I have a thing about eyebrows and you and unblvbl have an awesome set between you. I'm going now to rock the evening away in a jealous corner. Hah! No i'm not...I'm off to blog.

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Ha ha, you're welcome. They have to be the worst photos that I've ever published online (so feel privileged people!). Yeah, olive skin is my saviour, it hides a lot of evils... My dad is practically black. Not really, we just a had a Spanish Jew jump into our family a few generations ago, and the olive skin is dominant (I guess). Plus my dad married my mum, which as one friend noted "She's the most Spanish looking white person I've met". Couple that with my weird pseudo accent and I get "where are you from?" (I'm about 5th generation Australian, lol). I also get accosted by what must be Latinos or Italians sometimes (especially in summer) asking where I'm from.

No, my eyebrows are way too thick. Resery, did you have a thing for Johnny Howard (and his glorious eyebrows)?

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BTW AyeAye, I love your eyes. If I could swap, I would. I always hated having brown eyes, so common and boring. So please transplant your luscious aqua eyes into my sockets. Ok, deal?

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I feel super privileged to see your minuscule, near non-existant imperfections Om.

AyeAye your dad is Indian?? Seriously?! Wow! I'm so impressed. And so surprised! ...Really trying hard not to make inappropriate comments about the postman coming for a visit over here... wink.png

Now I know the history of your olive skin I really resent you. And I have to resent you both for your exotic backgrounds. See? You both make me a bad person. I sometimes get asked if I'm Spanish, but I think that's more about my dark eyebrows and lashes than anything valid. I used to constantly give my parents curry for not introducing some coffee into our milk. Who doesn't love coffee?!

But Om your skin tone is gorgeous and as well as being white I'm now also green with envy. ...Am I alone in thinking it would be a little weird if you had girl's eyes? No? Okay then.

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Yeah, he's indian....and I used to have kids over after school when I was little and they used to pull me aside and say "is he your real dad"? I used to get so confused......I was obviously a simple child. Yup, damn my mums over agressive scottish genes because my brother is a little whitey too. But one of my nieces has olive skin so she's the little throwback as I like to call her. But the best part of having an indian dad is that whenever I go over for dinner its ALWAYS curry. Could live on that stuff.....

Its a deal Om, you can have my wishywashy myopic grey eyes for your sultry 20/20 vision dark brown ones. Your eyebrows come as part of the package though right? I want the eyebrows or the deal is off......

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Lol, my eyes aren't 20/20. I wear glasses during lectures and at the movies (I'm slightly myopic). Yes, you can have my eyebrows. I'm not really sure if my face would work well with yours though. I might end-up looking a little too drag queen. But for the eyes, it'd be worth it.

Ha ha, my youngest sister is a throw back. When she was a kid she had blonde hair and blue green eyes. Her hair is still relatively light at a kind of sandy browny colour. We think someone jumped the fence. But it's probably just some Mendelian recessive genes from various grandparents. I want to have your Indian Dad. That's so cool, I want curry all the time!!

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What this? You don't have 20/20 vision? Well that was false advertising Om.....I'm going to have to rethink this whole situation......

Curry is the best isnt it? When my grandparents were still alive, I used to constantly pop over to visit her and granddad just before dinner time. "oh, sorry, I didnt realise you were just about to have dinner". "oh, you would like me to join you in a serving of beef curry and chappatis? Don't mind if I do Nanna, don't mind if I do".

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