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Well Yay Im Back!




Just blogged for like half hr and then it all dissapeared and closed the page!!!

anyway lets start again....

So where did I leave off.....

Oh ya we were off to Glorious Wilderness...

So we had 4 great days, beautiful weather..beautiful views.... but i had a tummy bug so I unfortunately couldnt enjoy the glorious food ( which there was lots of)

Day 5 was going to be our animal day, visiting elephants cheetahs etc...which was to be the highlight of the trip for me... but that morning we received a 7am wake up call informing us that our house had been burgled and dogs were gone ( on guyfawks night). I was shocked and am going to try give you the shorter version of the story ...

We phoned all our friends to look for them the next morning after they had gotten out, no one could find them.. we threw everything in the car and began the long 5 hour drive home.. feeling sick to our stomachs,crying , and then remembering our God is BIG and we need to have faith they were still alive...

anyways i posted something on facebook about them missing just before my phone died and prayed my heart out for their safety.. and an hour into our drive a girl that saw my status had just read a friend of hers status saying she had found 2 huskies and taken them to the animal hospital etc... she called me saying not sure if they are yours but thought i should tell u!

so we sent our friends to identify them and there they were smile.png I called the hospital and they were just about to send them to the spca so i said please keep them there we on our way... turns out a couple a few blocks down from our house had seen them running in the busiest rd in our area and cars werent stopping so they spent a gruelling 3 hours following them in car with hazzards etc until they eventually got them in the back of their car...let me paint the picture... ( 2 Hyper active dogs that never go in the car, maulting chunks of hair and probably scratching down their doors... the fact they got in the car was a total miracle in itself!) they then phoned every vet and place they could think of to see where they could take them as they had 4 cats at home so couldnt keep there.... legends i tell you!

so an hour into our trip we could breathe knowing our dogs were alive and well!! AMEN!

We fetched them, she had a slight limp which is now better and they got kennel cough a week ago which we treated with antibios so they are now all well again smile.png

the break in had been more like a walk in really as our housitter had left doors unlocked by mistake gasp.gif

then in the trauma of seeing someone had been in the house ( tv hanging off wall etc) she had freeked out and left gate open closed door and let dogs in... as she opened dog door the front door blew open from the wind and off they had gone....

my husband was still reg raging mad at her for 2 weeks as this had cost us alot of a mission losing a night and day away ... insurance costs police reports etc etc... but i realized it was a few careless mistakes and she was distraught by it all!

Long story short insurance pd out YAY and i got my new laptop, he got a new watch ( this is all that they took!) and we now have an alarm in.

the tv is a really funny story actually, they pulled hard on that tv which was hanging on a small bracket with a tiiiny teeeeeny lock off the wall... it was actually hilarious when you think about it... it still works and just had a small dent on side but we decided to keep it rathern than send it away....

So thats been the long drama of my life lately lol.. oh ya and my work email was set up on old computer with all my login details for the acne.org site - setting up the mail again is a mission and takes time so i tried every password i could think of to log into my old profile but no luck thats why its taken so long to blog sad.png but today i thought stuff it - i need to blog ! so decided just start a new one tongue.png sad but true...

maybe when emails up and running ill just go back to the old one.. i like having my history etc...

Well on the work front job has been going well, only part i havnt enjoyed is traffic, otherwise its cool... only 3 more weeks yet cant believe it hey!and Christmas being around the corner - madness!!

On the skin front, it has been looking good ( my good is not great or clear just acceptable) since i was away, although the day after i took the attached pics it did break out a bit, but only a few red marks...

obviously still havnt been out without makeup though tongue.png

Oooh I went to madam zingara lately as well - ill also need to post some pics... they travel around world so not sure if anyone else has seen them... its this massive tent with stained windows and waiters all dress up and lots of cool acts and yum food etc.. almost like a circus but more an entertainment show... was cool...

Tonight we are off to that 80s show YEEEAAAH BABBBY smile.png I so dig 80s smile.png

mmmmmm ok i wont bore you any longer let me upload pics etc and ill be back soon smile.png:)smile.png:)


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Welcome back! :D I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles. That is one crazy and stressful story. I'm especially glad to hear you found your dogs. I love those dogs, and I've never met them.


Your Previously Silent Stalker ;)

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Hey hey Paul :) How are u doing there???

wanna hear more about your GT Im going to see what i can find while snoopin on ur blog ;)

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FG, you're back! And with some drama too! You know how much of a drama lover I am (so long as its other peoples drama and not my own! ;) )

I'm so glad that you got the dogs back safe and well. I remember when my dog went missing over night and I was inconsolable but we got him back safe and well after placing notices all around the neighborhood. Your experience must have been ten time worse because you were away from home.

Shame your holiday was cut short but from your photos, it looks like you had a lovely time. I shall be looking forward to daily blogs from you from this day forward. You know, like Om does (he of the Silent Stalkerage type).

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Hey hey Paul :) How are u doing there???wanna hear more about your GT Im going to see what i can find while snoopin on ur blog ;)

I'm good thanks, doing alright and staying out of trouble! :P

Although, I'm not sure I know what GT stands for. :confused: If I knew what that was, I'd happily tell you whatever you'd like to know! :D

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