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Post Thanksgiving Coma



I haven't updated in a while, or at least don't have much time to. I don't really have anything to update on, besides continual progress! Currently, there is no active acne on my face, but I have one huge volcano on my neck haha. The Finacea gel seems to do really well at getting pimples immediately, no matter how big or inflamed. But I haven't had one on my neck in a looongggg time. I'm wondering if it's caffeine or dairy? The scaring one my cheeks seem to fade as well- and the pimples I get don't seem to leave a super nasty red mark...The places on my cheeks where my dimples form seem to have these little pitted scars in the center. :( I hope this goes away!!!

Anyways, I have eaten nearly everything under the sun the last week- airpopped- popcorn, 2 McFlurrys, mcdonalds french fries once, In'n'Out burger once, lasagna a few times, cheese almost every day, etc....my stomach seems to be fine, though I'm not as "regular" as I was when I wasn't eating cheese. I've been staying up late the last few weeks and haven't taken my supplements. The sinus headache and congestion has become worse now and is an actual head cold now. I've been around a lot of sick people, so it's probably my turn. However, I seriously notice a huge difference when I eat dairy now. I am WAAAYYY more congested. Ugh....why me? lol.

Overall, I am very please with my skin, even without makeup, and my family continually compliments me :) I am so relieved they are giving positive feedback. I really like the Aveda makeup and the new moisturizer I bought from Pratima. I'm encouraging my sister to try the regimen and use the moisturizer I have, but she is so stingy. To me, there's almost no price I wouldn't pay to have clear skin. It is so worth it to me to buy quality products that won't harm my skin, than to expose my skin to crappy industrialized mass produced skin products. So far my skin regimen is good and I have almost no clogged pores or bleackheads...maybe my nose. I'll take pics tomorrow morning of what my skin looks like when I first wake up.

My sis and I stopped in sephora, and I nearly wanted to gag at all the displays of all these chemicals and makeup that seemed to vomit "I'll give you acne!! Buy me!!!" I felt like I was getting acne just looking at all that crap. I felt bad for a young man behind the counter, whose face looked like shiny wax. You could see every tiny bump on his face through the amount of liquid makeup that was thicker than the ozone layer. He seemed offended when my sister said she doesn't want to use liquid makeup he recommended her. So anyways, I'm glad those "cake-makeup" days are over!

That's it :) I'm soo glad I stopped considering accutane, and continued searching for a regimen that would suit me. Best of luck everyone! Don't give up, even if there is a bad IB!


Good to hear that everything's going well. I've nothing against Accutane at all as it's potentially a means to an end for a lot of people, but it's pretty cool if we manage to find an alternative which works for us instead, so well done on sticking it out and getting to this point. Here's hoping it continues. :)

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Ya, the fact that I was on accutane for a short while a few years ago shows me that the likelihood of it really curing my acne a second round is not high. Did you ever try accutane? I'm not suggesting it to you haha just curious if you went down that path.

Well seriously thank you for your comment. This Thanksgiving, for the first time really in my life, I was thankful for clear skin. It may sound vain to conceited, but it was wonderful not to worry about my family staring at a pretty face with zits. It was awesome to be able to look people in the eye and talk to them with confidence.

How are you? Seems like you enjoy going to concerts :)

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It's not vain at all to feel that way. Like you said, it's removed a worry and that's not conceited, that's something to be happy about. Even if it is too easy sometimes to get caught up in things and make a big deal out of the situation - there have been times when even just the odd pimple has made me want to shy away from things - it's still perfectly valid to feel anxious about these things and to wonder how others see you. Plus, what that brings in terms of confidence and being able to look people in the eye, just being yourself without any worries, is a really good feeling. It's not too much to ask because we all deserve that.

I have asked for Accutane twice before but my doctor refused to refer me to the dermatologist because my acne isn't sever or cystic. All the doctors in the office said that same - that I didn't fit the criteria and that I wouldn't be seen. I felt really hard done by, considering how this has held me back for so long and how they didn't care at all about that, but like you, I now think it was for the best. I don't think my doctor was right and I didn't agree with how they approached the situation, but it did at least spur me on to look for alternatives.

The main thing recently has been not to pick my skin or pop pimples. It's not easy but I'm trying my best. The picture in my last blog entry sums how my skin's looked for the last couple of weeks and it's never been this constantly good before so I'm happy.

I do enjoy going to concerts, yeah. Where most of my money goes really. Busy month coming up actually, a lot of my favourite bands tour England at this time of year. I just get a buzz from watching bands and escaping in the music. Kind of ironic sometimes that I would be worried about going shopping and being seen by a handful of people if my skin wasn't so good, yet it's rare that I'd have those same feelings when surrounded by hundreds or even thousands at a show. I guess they're the only times when I switch off and just enjoy something instead of worrying about my skin. :)

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I have come a looonnnggg way with not touching my face or picking my skin. Granted there's not much to pick at, but I remember in March trying really hard to get out of the habit. A few times, I remember resting my hands on my chin, and getting a few tiny pimples there. So, since I hardly touch my face I dont' seem to get as much acne. I only seem to touch my face if I know I have a pimple...so because there's not many of those...I don't touch my face...and I seem to end the vicious cycle.

Well, at least you've found something to enjoy where you're not self-conscious about your skin. I could imagine feeling the same way. Being in a sea of people may take the focus off yourself, that's true. I always tell myself that people aren't looking at me or thinking of me as much as I think they are thinking of me :) haha

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