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Getting Down On Friday



So admittedly I've been feeling a little emo today. Even though I had a fun day. We stopped at a petrol station on the way to the beach, and I went to the Mens' and glimpsed my face in the mirror, and died a little on the inside. It was all red and irritated, as I'd just shaved in the morning, and the fluoro lights showed every gruesome bump and scaly lump. So it made me feel really self-conscious for the whole day. Fluorescent lighting, especially of the sort that is poorly positioned in bathrooms, should be outlawed! I think I'm also just feeling totally overwhelmed with all the study I am supposed to do for graduate entry to medicine. Having to arduously work through Organic Chemistry and Physics text books, in my holidays, seems absolutely outrageous. How am I supposed to be working through these dry textbooks when I cold be frolicking, or picnicking, or falling off surfboards, or reading something interesting, or doing ANYTHING ELSE!


Did I ever mention that it infinitely annoys me that I cannot wrap text around images! Instead I decided that you shall have to view them all at once, photomontage style. Or you could just pretend that they're neatly spaced down the page with text accompanying them. I was going to take a photo of my face, then didn't because I'm sunburnt as well as pimpley and scaly (and I think I would die of shame).

So, the goods. We arrived fairly early to the beach and plonked our stuff down on the sand. Eagerly strapping our leg ropes to our ankles, we dashed into the surf. I stood there, and froze for about 5 minutes, as I usually do. The water temperature was refreshing, but not the sort I can just dive into immediately. So my other two surfer friends were already out the middle (there was no back). So I paddled out, and got heckled by every wave coming my way. They were dumping shories (waves that break too early and on the shore); devastated. When you haven't surfed for a while, the type of wave that you want is one that can carry you some decent distance. You have to have the time to struggle to get up, and the power to push you without too much paddling, and the knowledge that you'll softly beach yourself. Instead it was the type where you get pushed down and tumbled because you weren't up and controlling the board well enough, quickly enough. So I found it really frustrating, hopefully it will be better next time. Granted my other surf mates said it was ok, but they're a lot better than me (damn, faulty coordination genes) and have been surfing for longer and a lot more regularly. But still, my pride is a little sore.

We also played frisbee. Specifically ultimate frisbee. Which I quite enjoy, even though I'm completely uncoordinated at throwing and catching things (I imagine I look much like a seal trying to catch some sort of slippery fish, and rarely succeeding). Sadly we lost. I walked up and down the beach, had a thick-shake (oddly, I'm still not feeling sick, maybe I'm less lactose intolerant than what I thought) and I read a little. Considering that I woke up in a sort of anti-social mood, it was quite enjoyable just hanging and talking with my beach bum friends.

I also went to church tonight and briefly farewelled a cool guy, who is my connect (kind of bible study) group leader, who's going back to New Zealand to complete his Ph D over summer.

Anyway, I hope I'm feeling a little better tomorrow, and that this sunburn fades quickly (it's so hot!!). Thanks for stopping by and listening to me whinge.


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Oooh...nice beach, but there seems to be a few dogs missing!

Ah yes, surfing...I tried that once but then figured I was much better at floating on a lilo. I excelled at that. I cant swim well, I hate getting salt water in my eyes, and I panic if my head goes underwater. Do you think I would every make a good surfer? You will do much better next time. The first time back at anything you are always crap.

And I agree, fluro lighting is the devil....but whats this about being sunburnt? Tsk tsk.....look after your young skin or when you reach my age you will be all wrinkly and ick. Noone wants to be Ick.

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Lol, yes, I think my floating on a lilo skills are superior to my surfing skills. If only people respected such a wonderful sport. Why can't you swim well, you seem so sporty! I am one of the most nervous surfers in existence, ha ha, I don't take risks, and that's half of the sport. I think I need to be a little more carefree and just plunge down the 4ft face of the wave. But for some reason my brain likes to envision every way possible of hurting myself, if only there was an off switch. I think being fin chopped to the scalp last year was also not a very good way to increase my confidence.

I know, I shouldn't have gotten sunburnt! I had on 50+, but we were short on supply, and our priority was the ginger, so I have all these interesting patches of sunburnt skin. Although, I am looking rather brown and cancerous today (much like a cuban cigar).

Pfft, wrinkles. Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful (tanned) corpse.

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OMS there is so much to love in your comment.

1. Our priority was the ginge. Gold

2. I'm looking rather brown and cancerous. Triple platinum.

In fact that is so awesome that I'm pinching it. Wow, my gen y's at work are going to be so proud of me for coming up with a new saying. Even if it isnt mine, who cares, they will never know!

I am good at sports in general apart from squash and swimming. Swimming I blame for emigrating to Australia when I was 8 and going to my first swimming lesson in primary school and all the kids in my year were three - four classes ahead and I had lessons with the toddlers. Yes, as an 8 year old I had to live through the shame of learning to float with 3 year olds. I developed a dreadful attitude and never really learnt how to swim properly. I do have an awesome back stroke though..... I will be the only person ever to back stroke away from a sinking ship.

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Hahaha! Love both these comments. And love the blog entry. And the photos. And double the love for the double entry. Good work peeps, keep it up.

Who doesn't love a bit of physics and organic chem every now and then in their spare time?

Aww, haha I'm sensing a bitterness in you. I was practically born in the water, I'm pretty sure I could swim before I could walk. But not the ocean, because that stuff can kill you. Why balance precariously on a tiny plank of (shark-bait) fiberglass when you can spend that time instead frolicking in the cool water of an in-ground swimming pool, without the hassles of crocodiles, sharks and jellyfish?

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Resery: That sucks about the swimming. Feel free to quote me anytime. There were several times when I was going to quote what you had said about some band or another, to my super cool indie friends, then I realised how potentially awkward that conversation would be. How do you know her? How old is she? Where is she from?You blog on an acne website, about acne?! Fail.

Yes, pools are much safer. But that's why you don't live in an area where there are jellyfish, or crocodiles, and well, sharks are just cool. As if you wouldn't want to swim with them. The ocean is far nicer than any pool. Man-up, eat some concrete, (I then went in search of more condescendingly motivational phrases and came across): "Right now an 11 year old chinese girl is warming up with your max". I nearly died of laughter.

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I always pinch peoples sayings and if it ever gets questioned I just throw a statistic in their face. Works a dream 99% of the time. (see what I did there?).

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