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Day 14 - Recap Of 2 Weeks



Hello my fellow acne friends,

I've read a lot of blogs on people's journey through accutane, so I thought I would share mine because it may help someone else.

I have mild-moderate persistent acne. I by no means have severe acne and I never get cysts. I have tried numerous topical creams and oral pills. I was on Diane-35 for a year and a half and it worked well up until a couple months ago when my skin broke out and hasn't been the same since.

Acne: So I'm on day 14 today and I'm definitely in the middle of by IB.Kinda sucks. A girl in my class commented that my skin was a lot worse than when I started accutane. Hopefully this is the worst of it and it will just get better from here on out!

Symptoms: As for symptoms, my face was soooooooooo dry the other day. Soo dry. It's better now. I glob on the moisturizer before bed though. Lips are chapped, but not splitting or anything like that.

Positives: my oil production seems to be a lot less!

That's all though! I'll prob update every so often.. maybe even tomorrow. smile.png

xo Abby


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