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1St Week - Big 'ole Sinus Infection



Finished my first week on Claravis (20mg -- 2x-a-day). The second day I was on it, I came down with a bad sinus infection. Seems like this has happened to other people too during week one. Maybe my body is using its energy to get back into balance after being assaulted by Claravis and didn't have the energy to fight the sinus virus. Either way, I'm feeling miserable.

I have changed my facial products (see below) and now I'm wearing both moisturizer and sunscreen. This makes me nervous because I've never been able to wear any moisturizer or sunscreen without breaking out alot so this will probably cause more pimples.

Things I've noticed during the first week:

  • The skin on my face started to act differently. I still have a bunch of pimples, but they started to heal right away and aren't as painful so it's alot easier to leave my face alone and not mess with it.
  • The pimples that I do have, and am still getting, seem closer to the surface and look like they might actually heal themselves. Usually my pimples never go away for weeks even months at a time and are deeper.
  • My lips are starting to get chapped and peel a little (I never have chapped lips ever)
  • My face looks redder with more pores showing and it looks like I have more brown hyperpigmentation on both sides of my face that I didn't have about a week ago.
  • My nose, throat and eyes are dry and itchy (probably more from the sinus infection)

    New products:

    • CeraVe AM moisturizer/sunscreen for face in morning
    • Lubriderm Lotion With Suncreen for my body
    • Aquaphor for lips
    • Lyspol for lips (yuck -- hate waxy stuff on my lips)
    • Jojoba Oil + Hyaluronic Acid at night (sounds harsh, but really a very gentle moisturizing ingredient) for face
    • Multivit Vitamins Without A (to keep me from getting sick - haha)
    • Glucosamine and Chondroitin (for us older people who already have some joint pain)
    • some calcium


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