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Day 16



Wow, I can't believe I'm already past the two week mark. There's nothing much new to report; the dry skin has mostly gone away, now it's just my lips that stay somewhat dry. Aquaphor and cherry chapstick (my favorite) have done a good job at keeping it under control. Sometimes when I smile, I can feel them do funny things -- almost like cracking, but not painful.

This past week has been pretty stressful; my dad and I visited the University I'm attending in the Spring, and found out there are several more steps I need to take in order to get the scholarships I need to help pay for school. Otherwise I'll have to work fulltime AND take 17 hours... bla. I'm really hoping all this upcoming stress doesn't make my skin any worse. sad.png

One recent thing I've learned, is to drink as much water as I can throughout the day. (I knowww, common sense) I always had trouble remembering before accutane, but it definitely helps everything to not feel as dry.

My skin is still producing less and less oil, which is sooo amazing. After having a small oil field on my face for nine years, it's an amazing feeling to have somewhat normal skin.

I have noticed yesterday and today it looks like a lot of the blackheads are starting to kind of push their way out. The surface of my skin feels a little rough -- I'm hoping everything comes out soon, how awesome would that be! No more blackheads!

I have a few mild pimples right now, nothing too insane. I just took a few pictures to add on here -- comparing them to the pics from the beginning, I can definitely start to see a difference. :) yay!

Hope everybody's doing well!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

~ Britt






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The mention of cherry chapstick has got me singing Katy Perry. That going to be stuck in my head all night now! :lol:

Your skin's looking really good, Britt, great job so far! And I love your smile! smile.png

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Haha, the song didn't cross my mind when I was writing, but now I'm humming it. :P

Aw, thanks a lot. :) I'm really excited about how things are going!

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