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Hey there, blog buddies! wavey.gif

Had a good week since I last rambled. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad has happened either so I can't complain. I saw Rihanna on Saturday and got some pretty cool pictures that night. I even got a hug from Rihanna! biggrin.png I saw Imelda May last night and got some good pictures of her, too. My portfolio is growing and I've got some real big names in there now. Quite what I do with said portfolio, I'm not sure, but I guess I've the rest of my life to figure that bit out...

In other news, did you know that pizza is now a vegetable? True story. I've always made sure I get plenty of vitamin P in my diet so I'm glad that my efforts are now being recognised.


Thanks to the wonder that is the Domino's Pizza app., I was able to order a pizza from my phone during the Imelda May gig last night. God bless Steve Jobs! Anyway, I collected my pizza as I walked home and proceeded to partake in its Pepperoni goodness. Having finished my pizza, I got home and sat and watched TV for a while. Then I went to have a wash before calling it a night. Sticking with my new, "must not pick and must not look in the mirror so much" approach, I didn't look in the mirror when I got home. We have a huge mirror in the dining room and I've been known to spend crazy amounts of time in front of it in the past, but this time, I didn't bother. So I tuned the bathroom light on and looked in the mirror... "Oh my f-ing Jeebus! What in the acned hell has happened to my face while I've been out?! This looks horrible!" It took me a moment or two to get over the shock, but then I finally realised what had happened. My enthusiasm with the pizza had resulting in me getting at least one slice-worth of tomato paste around all my mouth. Now, I have actually been called 'Pizza Face' in my time, but this time, I literally was! I'm sure that this, amongst other things, is one of the reasons I'm single; twenty-six years old and I'm still not quite sure where my mouth is. Safe to say that it's going to take a very patient woman to put up with me! tongue.png

An hour or so prior to the pizza problem, I actually got sing on my favourite Imelda May track with the wonderful lady herself, in front of about a thousand people. She got me to do a bit of call-and-response on the last part of the song which we kept going for a minute or so. Great fun. Moments like that are the reason I always get myself in the front row at gigs, got to be where the action is!

Today, I saw a man with neon green dreadlocks. Quite enjoyed that.

I also did some Christmas shopping today. In fact, I'm almost done! Gone a bit overboard on gifts for a pen pal in Canada, I'm going to need a very big box to send them in. Not looking forward to the shipping costs on that one! rolleyes.gif Oh well, it's only once a year I suppose. Just hope she likes what I've bought! My family keep asking me what I want for Christmas and they keep shouting at me because I keep telling them there's nothing I want. Truth be told, I don't really feel like I deserve much. I mean, I've not had the best of years in terms keeping things problem-free for those around me and I've messed up a lot. I guess I'd just rather go unnoticed this time around. shrug.gif

The final thing I did today was to buy a foot-long tube of Jaffa Cakes. Then I decided to buy another one. So I now have two feet of Jaffa Cakes taking up space in the kitchen. About 120 Jaffa Cakes in total. Nom nom nom!

Right-o, skin update! Be warned, there's a picture of my ugly mush coming up real soon! biggrin.png

So, it's now nine days since I decided to make some changes and leave my face alone as best as I could. There's no way I'm going to manage not picking my skin at all, nor am I going to be able to totally quit popping pimples. Just not feasible to go from a thirteen year habit to nothing at all. But what I can do is give my best to limiting the opportunities I have and the damage I do. In the last nine days, I've popped only three tiny pimples. There was a time when I could have done that within seconds of getting out of bed in a morning, and then some. Yeah, totally gross. Right now, I have... wait for it... one spot. His name is Barry and he's sat in the middle of my nose. His favourite thing is basically to sit in the middle of my nose. He's been there for almost a week, un-popped, of course. His least favourite thing is when I cover him in Isotretinoin gel. He really hates that. I'm usually pretty happy to get along with everybody, but Barry and I aren't really getting on to be honest. I think he'll leave before too long but it's probably for the best. Besides Barry, I'm very happy. So happy, I find the time to rhyme. The results of not picking are so obvious to me, although compared to pictures I've posted in my gallery before, it probably looks like old news because I've always been too chicken to post pictures when I've been broken out. Some people think I've made it up. I've even received messages telling me that I've never even had acne and that I shouldn't be here. Yeah, I wish! But, perhaps this spotty friend ain't gonna be so spotty from now on! I'm mainly pleased with the discipline and the focus because I thought I'd slip up at the first chance. I'm now at the point where there's hardly anything to pick anyway. Sooooo hope that this carries on.

I haven't got the results of my food intolerance test back yet, probably have them at the end of the week. I was worried I'd have to give up things like pizza but that's not an issue because it's a vegetable now. In fact, I'm just going to put tomato paste on everything from now on. Before I post this, I'm going to throw some tomato paste on the screen, then I'll be the first person ever to compose a blog on a vegetable. Go me!

That'll do for now I reckon. End of entry hi-five! hifive.gif



Recommended Comments

Your skin looks great. You don't even appear to have any scarring, you lucky duck.

Great news on the concerts! You get the most amazing opportunities.

Okay so I just looked up "Jaffa Cakes" again, since I forgot what they were... Why the heck do you need two feet of Jaffa Cakes?!?

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The correct question to ask would be, 'Why the heck not?!' One box is for eating and the other is to test out the Jaffa Cafe regimen which Renn came up with. I'm missing a token food picture aren't I. I'll have to rectify that with a picture about two feet wide later... biggrin.png

Thank you by the way. I have two super-tiny scars on the left side which have only become more obvious to me as my skin tone has evened out a little more, and I have a small indented scar on my nose which I caused years ago. That one doesn't really show up in pictures though and it's not a problem for me anyway. The lack of scarring is the biggest thing got me focused on not picking. I mean, some people are left with bad scarring just through the process of their acne healing by itself, so for it not to be an issue for me even after all those years of daily self-inflicted damage amazes me. I know that things could have been so much worse. Its like my skin actually wants to heal, regardless of what I put it through. I realised that I'd be stupid not to listen to it, let it heal and finally give it the break it has deserved for years. smile.png

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Yeah, your skin looks so good. So very smooth, so silky, I can't believe it's had acne.

I can't believe that pizza is classed as a vegetable, so when I eat an entire pizza in one sitting that's 16 vegetables.

I can't believe that you go to concerts all the time and sing songs with famous people (when I would die of embarrassment if I were chosen for such a privilege).

I can't believe you've nearly done your Christmas shopping, when I have not thought about mine.

I can't believe that you have that many Jaffa Cakes in your kitchen, when I have never had one.

I can't believe how lustrous your hair is, when mine is a sweaty, dishevelled mess.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER (is not classed as a vegetable)

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Paul, thats mean photographing that many Jaffa Cakes. Oh I miss them so much. I miss the shoving of one whole jaffa cake in my gob and letting it slowly melt until I reach the gooey orangy goodness in the middle.

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No you can't. I have to get back into my jeans. Go away Jaffa cakes...no one likes you around here. NO ONE!

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I admire the discipline, even if you have just hurt my Jaffa Cakes feelings. The inspiration behind this entry was Pizza - beginning to think it should have been called Jaffa Cakes! lol.gif Either way, Pizza and Jaffa Cakes are all I have to talk about this week as there's no spotty news to share. I like. I do however have what I assume is a touch of eczema on my right eyelid. What in the name of all that is itchy would be the point of eczema on the eyelids? It's like my right eye suddenly has something against me blinking! rolleyes.gif

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Firstly, the Jaffa Cake thing is inspired by one of Renn's blog entries a few weeks back, I think you'll have missed that. This should answer your question: http://www.acne.org/...-joys-of-paint/ smile.png

Secondly, thank you very much! wub.png

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I can't believe it's not I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter! :o

Okay I've never tried the darned things and now I'm craving them. Blast you all.

When my friend sent me a news article on Pizzagate I lost all hope for the human race. This on top of Jaffa Cakes being classified as cakes?! The world has gone mad, I tell you, maaad!

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