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The Next Day- Spiro



I feel crummy today. It seems as though there has been some virus that jumped on my bandwagon. My sinuses feel like i've been snorting salt and nails.

Ive got the turkey in the sink though. Herb roasted turkey, garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes..... so far thats the only thing on the list for tomorrow. I havent gotten very far.

Skin? Woot woot! Thank you steroids, 'cause you make my skin look wonderful! Nothing really going on there.

Ill return with more interesting and amusing entried as soon as I feel.... interesting and amusing.

Before I go, I have to update a little further, I realize. I went and did my blood work, waiting on results. My derm called me in a script that will suffice with taking 2-50 mg spiro a day, though im waiting to see if my insurance will cover it. If not, im thinking of going to costco and just not using insurance.

My gyn appt was actually on the 15th. I had been waiting for that damn confirmation call. I rescheduled for the 8th of december.

Speaking of insurance, hubby just got his yearly insurance stuff, and they have an option to put 'same or opposite sex domestic partner". It sounds pretty broad to me, but I certainly consider myself his domestic partner. Thats a relief. An expensive relief.


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