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Night 1

Margarita Ashkinazi


Well I don't really count this as Day 1, because it's only the night, and I will count tommorow as Day 1. But I think I am too excited, and hopeful, for this regimen. I am so sick and tired of people teling me to go to the DErmatologist or use something, when they don't understand. I can't even count the nights i spent researching acne, and people's natural cures. I am praying that this works.

I bought the $99 plus pack, which was the biggest and baddest package they had, so I kind of have to use up the product and do the routine every day. So My hope and goal is that by Day 90, I will be reminiscing this post and being thankful that my skin is smooth and glowy! :D

But anyway, I got the ackage today, and i just did the regimen for my chest and face 10 min.'s ago.


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