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Your Forces Are Under Attack (Day 96)



Whoops, I'm late with this entry.

So I think in the last update my skin I was still getting fresh spots, but since then the ones I've had have calmed down, and are now at the healing stage, with no new ones. Normally I should be happy about that, but it's at this stage that I can't help but notice all the scarring I have. Maybe it's rose-coloured glasses, but only three months my skin used to be so smooth, and without the bruising of acne, that it's kind of hard to take. At first I was hoping they'd fade into oblivion (which reminds me I really want to play Skyrim, but won't let myself get it till I'm on holidays), and they have faded, but not enough. Not that I'm taking the lack of fresh spots for granted, of course *nervous glance*. For all those true skin fans, my regimen is still the same, no changes there. I am also still battling seb derm, but I'm hoping it'll be like an ex; initially you're drowning your head in toxins (in this case Selsun, not alcohol) to no apparent avail, only to realise down the track that you're no longer having to "medicate" as often, and in fact you kind of forgot they were even a problem*.

Now onto the fun stuff!! This weekend I had a busy, fun-filled weekend (alas without the tentatively-scheduled phone date, I'm sure you'll all be disappointed to know. In fact datee is considering opting out, the wuss), starting with Friday evening birthday drinks for my Ranga friend. Turned out he was there with all his boss and workmates, which I thought might be awkward, but it was actually hilariously fun. His boss is an absolute scream, and was very excited by my Long Island iced tea (soo yummy), so decided to join... Which meant everyone else felt compelled to as well, and in no time we were chatting away like best friends and sharing intelligent debates on the wearing of lederhosen (traditionally they are worn and passed down generations from father to son; oh, and did I mention this is all without washing??), and weird foods we've eaten, etc. Since those guys had been going since work, we called it a night comparatively early, which suited me because I was pretty worn out (and starting to get stiff) from my jog beforehand. Oh, and I wore The Dress (finally!), and got zillions (SI unit) of compliments about how nice I looked, despite the small horn-like feature on my forehead (some people actually pay to get implants for that, and I get it for free- score!) and forgetting to apply mascara beforehand shock.gif


The Dress. And me in it. Without mascara. Shocking, I know. Don't judge me for my bed being on the floor, I'll get around to getting a frame eventually, I've only just moved in! (Okay it was two years ago, but the bed shops are so far away...)

Saturday I slept in until after lunch (I am not a morning person), and then in the evening went for a sushi dinner with a friend (I tried eel for the first time, which was weirdly slimily-textured), then went to see a movie. We saw Crazy, Stupid Love, and it was hilarious. I highly recommend you see it. It's a good balance of tongue-in-cheek humour, romance & Ryan Gosling for the girls, and Emma Stone for the guys. There's a few awful Hollywood moments (e.g. valedictorian's speech, for those in the know), but even so I laughed msot of the way through (I'm one of those people that just can't help myself and so I frequently burst out laughing, quite boisterously I'm told). The "photoshop" scene was particularly exuberant on my part. Anyway, I digress... Umm Sunday I had a quieter day doing some domestic stuff, but mostly spent it killing the Zerg in SCII.

Since then it's just been uni-ing (so jealous of the underlings- I mean undergrads having the summer break [3 months!] off), incrreasing to attempt to fight Jeans-Tightening Syndrome that seems to be afflicting the female population at the moment. To add to this problem, this morning I baked the chocolate chocolate-chip biscuits I promised for my South African friend's birthday (I don't know why I offered to, his wife is an absolute demon in the kitchen and as soon as I said it I regretted it. On top of that last night I got some more bad news, so couldn't face baking, mean I had to do it all first thing in the morning, which for me is kind of a chocolate-filled hell); and in the process needed to lick the spatula after creaming the butter and sugar (there goes my daily energy allowance), then periodically sample the mixture (just in case the flavour or consistency changed throughout the shaping process), and then sample the cooked product to make sure it wasn't poisonous (despite my best efforts it wasn't).


These biscuits are low fat, vegan, gluten fr- oh buggerit. They'e chock full of butter, cocoa and dark brown sugar, and they're all soft and chewy in the centre with big lumps of dark, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate throughout. I call them Murder By Chocolate.

Since this entry's getting quite long I'll save the remaining material for the next one, and leave you all to get fat just by looking at the biscuits, of which I made about 40 (some for birthday boy to take home, the rest to be decimated by the morning tea crowd. Apparently "too sweet" isn't in their vocabulary).

*I realise this makes me sound like an alcoholic, which isn't an accurate description because although I love alcohol (beer, wine, vodka, port, etc.), I do not like hangovers, which really put a damper on my spirit (ha!) and are sadly becoming more and more likely with each addition of a year to my age... Although maybe I'm just out of practice, and need to conduct a desensitisation course for my liver? grinwink.gif <- I chose this one because he's nice and seedy and green, just like me with a hangover. Which, you'll be proud to know, I did not have on Saturday despite the deliciously refreshing Long Island iced teas.


Recommended Comments

Nice dress, very retro, and you baked cookies. I must say I'm convinced that you're actually a 50s housewife at the moment. But my gosh, I want some of those cookies. But then you started playing videogames, so I was all thrown off this theory. Ha ha, I used to love videogames, sadly my love has waned. I have SC2, but I've only played like the first 20 minutes. Maybe I just love multi-player games, because I enjoy the competition. There was nothing better than hammering out as many carriers as possible and destroying your friends over the High School LAN. I also loved the N64; Mario Cart, Zelda, 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie, those were the days! I'm going to try the Star Wars MMO and see if I enjoy it. I've heard mixed reviews about Skyrim, so don't get too excited.

We all know you are an alcoholic! It's ok, we accept you, and we encourage you to seek help. mmm, Long Island Iced Tea.

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A response in bullet points:

  • Its about time you blogged
  • OMS the dress looks amazing and so do the eyebrows!
  • I love eel. I love eel sushi and soft shell crab sushi. Both faves.
  • I love biscuits. I love chocolate chocolate chip Murder by Chocolate biscuits.
  • I love that you call them biscuits and not cookies.
  • I just spent 7 mins looking for your footnote asterisk in the text body. Its ok, I found it.
  • "On top of that I got some more bad news". MORE? I didnt even know about the first lot!
  • You got up after lunchtime. Wow.
  • I'm totally judging you over the bed. But then remind myself that you're a mere child, and so I forgive you.
  • That is all.

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I'm convinced that you're actually a 50s housewife at the moment.

Hahaha! Anyone that knows me would find that hilarious. Especially considering my love of beer. Oh how I love beer. The 50s, however demeaning of women, did do great things for women's fashion. Now if only the Dick Tracy-style fedoras would come back in fashion for the guys...

I've only just started playing SCII, but I'm a big fan of the original. I love multi-player too, but I'm more of a LAN person than an MMO player (my competitiveness really flourishes under conditions where I'm able to yell across the room at a friend to stop fragging me like a dirty whore-bag (trash talk's also not very 50s housewife-y I guess)).

I've never played Nintendo (Shuddup, it's not that weird!), I consider it inferior to PC games since it's less about strategy and more about button-mashing (although I am pretty awesome at the ole mash)... Hehehe let the retribution begin?

Oh no, really?? Bah. Might have to wait for Diablo instead (eek, so excited!!).

Oh Om, it was sooo good. The perfect balance of alcohol, lemon juice, and whatever else is in it (...ice?).

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I love that you had to preface your response with "A response in bullet points:", haha! Like I wouldn't recognise them. Oooh, what are those unusual spots next to her entry? Are they decorative or functional?

The biscuits were so... good... Even though I only got one (okay that doesn't include all the mixture I ate. Seriously, I think mostly I prefer the raw mixture).

Yes, life is "kicking me in the Jimmy" at the moment (a phrase I delightedly picked up from my bro-in-law, despite not being suitably equipped), but that's a story for an alcohol-fuelled night somewhere in the distant future (i.e. Christmas. You're coming to visit me at Christmas, aren't you?!).

Don't judge me for the bed!! In my defence the mattress is ah-mazing. I think a good mattress is important. Ooorr maybe I'll just tell people it's good for my Chi to be on the floor or something?

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Wow, you've never played a Nintendo *de-friends*. PC gaming is more hardcore, no doubt, but my inner child loves the fun factor of Nintendos. There was nothing quite like getting a thumb blister from a particularly long and enjoyable match of Mario Party....

Yes! I also much prefer being able to more directly hear, see and smell my fellow gamers. I want to see them throw controllers across the room, or curse the very mouse that they use, whilst I placidly sit there, maniacally chortling on the inside. Ah, the satisfaction of pwning your opponent is most definitely heightened when you're in the vicinity.

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I know! I really should rectify that at some point, it's becoming embarrassing (like admitting you've never seen SuperSTAR [if that's how you're supposed to write it; I'm just copying Resery], I guess. Oh, wait- Whoops)... Actually my friend's kid asked me to play Mario Cart with him recently, and I talked him into going outside with me to throw the ball or something instead, because I was too embarrassed to get my arse handed to me by a six year old... I think his mum thought it was because I was worried I'd be bored from being so much better at it than him- ha!

Absolutely. I like the smell of fresh blood before I go in for the kill.

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No no, I only wrote it like that because thats how you say it. Alternatively you could write it Superstaaaarrrrr! (but say it in a whisper. There ya go!)

Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my arms and then I smell them like that!

Ummm...I've never played computer games before BUT when I was in my early 20's (yeah yeah, like your ages now) I used to sit next to my boyfriend when he used to play Lara Croft Tome Raider and I used to help him by saying things like, no no, go left....arrrgh you've already been in that room.....behind you, behind you, the secret door is BEHIND YOU!!!! See? Helping. Does this get me into the 'cool kids game playing club'? Does it?

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Okay that looks awful! Mind you, I said that about Zoolander too. The first time I watched that movie I didn't like it, but each time I see it again I love it more. So maybe I'm just a cynic.

The armpit thing creeped me out. It's just so real!

Helpfully backseat driving when you have no idea what you're doing totally counts. You could practically play as a professional gamer, and go into WoW competitions and everything. We'd have to give you a cooler handle than Resery though. Hmm...

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Resery: I want to know your handle origins story!! Please tell?

unblvbl: Oh it most definitely is terrible. But that's the entire idea. It's so terrible that it's brilliant!

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