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83 Days! - Dosage And Participating In An Acne Study



Had my derm appointment and instead of seeing the doctor I usually see I saw the professor of Dermatology. He asked how I was doing with the side-effects, and before I could say anything he blurted "you look a bit depressed!". Someone else said I looked down the other day, and I am, but I don't intentionally show it so I don't understand what I'm doing that gives it away. It's not like I'm sitting with black eyeliner smudged down my cheeks whilst slicing my wrists with an expressionless face. He gave me the choice of upping my dose or keeping it the same and I really didn't know what to do. I seem to be getting spots again, big painful ones, but he said that was normal. I wanted him to decide for me but he said it was my choice (I hate making decisions!) He didn't mention how much he'd raise the dose, but he did say the side-effects would be worse. He also said if I stick to 30 the side-effects will calm down a little eventually. I finally decided to stick with my 30mg, but I left feeling really upset (just for a change. I blame the hormones...again) because he mentioned I'd be on 6-8 months. Ok, 6, not too bad, but 8-that's seems so long, close to a year on drugs for spots, it seems ridiculous but I've been on antibiotics for longer so I shouldn't be such a drama queen. I think part of me still expects it to cure my skin overnight, and I'm not the most patient person so it's hard to grasp that I need to wait even longer.

A nurse approached me just as I was leaving and asked me to take part in a study called 'a case-control study for genotype phenotype associations in severe acne vulgaris'. I agreed, and basically next month when I'm getting my check-up and pregnancy test I have to give a saliva or blood sample (which made me wonder, why would you choose to have blood extracted from you with a needle rather than wipe a swab through your mouth? Must be more masochists around than we thought) and also go through a interview where they ask you questions like how much your life has been affected by having acne etc. I'm quite excited, it'll feel good to help towards finding better treatments for acne in the future.

Also, acne vulgaris. VULGARIS?! Surely they should have something a little more confident boosting, seeing as the condition itself detracts so much from self-worth? Acne sexiibabi3hawthawtbootaaay is a much better candidate. And it has such a latinate twang about it.


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Ha ha, I'm with you on the Vulgaris part, way to further induce low self-esteem and social isolation. Call it Vulgaris. Actually imagine if people just went around saying that they have vulgaris, rather than acne. I'm sure people would run in the opposite direction.

I'd say the dermatologist would probably make that assumption for every teenage girl that walks in with acne. So don't worry.

Oh and Kudos for participating in the study. I've never been in a medical study, but I've participated in a few psych ones. They're fun, if you like filling out surveys, and pressing buttons depending on whether the object is the same or different.

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:lol: I've never given the "vulgaris" thing much though. I don't think doctors or anyone I've spoken to have used the full title. I suppose we could start a petition or something, send it to Downing Street and demand a name change... I think it needs a name. Like Steve, or Dave. Give a human touch, then we can make friends with it. Actually, if we make friends with it, it might never go away. Be like one of those annoying relatives who show up at the worst time and totally over-stays their welcome. Hmmm... I'll have to have a think about this one. :think:

The study sounds good though. And you might find that helps you process stuff actually, in terms of the impact it may have on life and all. I've certainly found that I feel a lot better in general since I talked about with a group therapy session last week. I feel like I'm missing out on something cool here, I want to take part! :lol:

Here's hoping it was the right choice to stick with 30mg. I'd imagine so. Can't see that they'd push it to 8 months. They'd certain see what was what by 6 months and make a decison then. If they did get to that point and suggest another two months, that would be so bad. The way I'd look at it is, they'd be making sure the course didn't end too soon and that it only ends when they're sure it's cleared up. That would also increase the chances of it clearing up for good. Can see why you'd feel down about it if you had an end in sight - it's like shifting the goal posts - but the main aim is just as it was so you might as well stay focused on that.


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"Hi, my name's Sue and I suffer from Acne Sexiibabi3hawthawtbootaaay". Yup, totally works. Less stigma already.

You crack me up with every entry you do (even the depression thing; "It's not like I'm sitting with black eyeliner smudged down my cheeks whilst slicing my wrists with an expressionless face", haha! Does that make me a bad person for laughing at that? :/), and I've already gone through your archive, so that's quite sad because now I have to wait every three days or so for a new blog entry. Booo.

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'Vulgaris' sounds like a contagious medieval plague, doesn't it? Which in a sense is kinda cool because I guess you could say you were at least unique, diseased or not. I'd love to take part in a psychology study! I love pressing buttons, who doesn't? Although since having acne every red button (the good kind) looks a little too much like a spot, and I'm beginning to dislike them.

We're not allowed to say 'blackboard' because it might offend some, and we're supposed to call bin men 'sanitation engineers', yet 'acne vulgaris' remains! Political Correctness must be injected. I'd like to do therapy sessions, it would be great if there were some just for acne sufferers-wouldn't have to bother with makeup because I'd feel I wouldn't be judged. I'm so lazy. I wish you could just buy a gun and shoot makeup into your face (Simpsons style) it would save me so much time and effort.

To be honest I think the chances of being on for 8 months is very slim but it's just the fact that he even mentioned it that made me freak out. Wish I could just punch myself in the face, the pressure causing all spots to splatter out of my face like bullets and I could walk away in complete confidence...if only life was that easy :lol: Like you said, just need to try and focus on the main objective.

No, you're not a bad person, there is genuinely comical gold in the concept of suicide and death :P I wish I could write daily but I find myself with nothing to write-I do nothing! Monday: 'I ate a bun'. Tuesday: 'I saw a fat pigeon on a chimney'. Wednesday: 'I said the word 'battery' too much and now it sounds weird'. Thursday: 'I got scared because I saw someone beside me in the bathroom but realised it was a mirror' Friday: 'I ate another bun'. Saturday: 'I wish I had more buns'. Sunday: 'Beyonce has huge buns'. Next Monday: 'Buns'.

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