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Day 18- Spiro



Oi, I say. I rarely drink, cause when I do, I wake up feeling like a 73 year old arthritis sufferer. I can't imagine a 73 year old arthritis sufferer running around with a one year old. When I try, I just laugh.... so, it isn't usually a great idea to consume any beer, liquor, or even cooking wine. Red wine vinegar. Grape juice. Just keep it all away.

That said, what's up with this whole not being able to take pain relievers while on spiro? Sounds like a bad joke to me. Something comparable to the "Urine Therapy" section on this site.

I haven't considered rubbing my babys' diaper on my face.

Okay...the thought MAY have crossed my mind momentarily, but that was it. It took about 18 seconds before I thought.....well..... I don't know what I thought, but it wasn't positive.

"Yes - the reason you cannot take any NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) whilst taking spiro or Yasmin/Yaz is because the spiro is a potasium-sparing diuretic which means that they do not encourage your body to secrete potassium in your urine (so it stays in your system). NSAIDs in combination with spiro and/or Yasmin/Yaz can cause hyperkalemia. This is when there are high levels of potassium in the blood which can cause an irregular heartbeat which is potentially very dangerous. This means that ibruprofen, aspirin and naproxen should not be taken. Paracetamol based painkillers are fine."

Paracetamol based is basically tylenol. That of which we have zero. So, naturally, im still considering taking an ibuprofen 400. Im so daring sometimes. I sure feel inflamed.

BUT! Guess where I DO NOT feel inflamed? My face. Thats right. My face is un-inflamed. I have one active spot that I got supremely pissed off at lastnight. Its not as big as it was lastnight (Touche` all you non-poppers!).

Thats all for now. Im going to get stuff myself, take some drugs, and drown in the potential affects of hyperkalemia.


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