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My Acne Story So Far...

I want to share my story. I think I need to get it out in the open with people who may be in the same boat as me. I'll try keep all this short and sweet but gosshhhh, I could type forever tongue.png

Well, I'm Sadie, I'm 19 and as you may know, I have a problem with acne! I'm a typical girl, love my make up, love fashion, love to look nice - concious about my looks - very much so. But acne just doesn't help my confidence at all. I've had acne since I was around 11 years old. I can't actually remember it at its worst during my teenage years... But I remember comments being made on it, typical school kids. I think I went to the doctors aged around 13/14 to actually try and see if there was anything the doctor could do to get rid. Over the past 5/6 years, I've been given a number of different antibiotics and topical creams to get rid... And I always find that my acne comes back some way or another. I've had acne moderate/severe on my face, and it once was really bad on my back, even getting it on my inner thighs, top of my arms, and chest. One other solution I tried was using sunbeds at the age of 14 - which doesn't sound too healthy I know, but I was so desperate to get rid of these little monsters (lol acne) all over my body that I would literally do anything! Sunbeds worked... temporarily - until my nice tan would fade sad.png

One indication that things were not right was when I was 17 - I still had only had around 2/3 periods. Normally, girls would now be on there 24th/36th period just estimating if they had started 14/15. True though. And I was still on the 3rd. I went to the doctors and she told me it would only be a problem when it came to wanting kids, so basically she brushed me off and brushed off the fact I was not having regular periods aged 17. Aggravating eh? Instead.. I went to a different doctor. Basically, my mum put two and two together - no periods, moderate/severe acne, excess facial hair appearing - she looked it up in the family encyclopedia and well... The rest is history. The new doctor I visited was so nice and my mum told him some of my symptoms, and he suggested sending me for a blood test to see if it was PCOS - Polycystic ovarian syndrome. Blood test results came back - he confirmed I had PCOS. I almost was in tears sad.png I actually find it such a frustrating disease to have as its incurable, only controllable. He give me a topical cream called Quinoderm - 10% Benzyl Peroxide and He put me on the pill - Diannette - The only pill that actually is really good for PCOS sufferers. My acne did disappear, but the thing is, I hated having periods, and I mean hated. I still feel to this day that I'm really ill when I'm on a period, I feel weak, and just wierd, and I just hate it, and it's all because I'm not used to having them sad.png Anyway, more to the point, I stopped taking Diannette, I couldnt really be bothered with it anymore. This was when I was 17. I am now 19. For the past two years, I've just been on and off the pill, but I've been using my topical cream Quinoderm quite regularly. But the thing is... No treatment has ever been permanant for me.

I'd say at the minute, my skin has never been as bad as it is right now. It's quite severe right now - I'd say so anyway. I booked an appointment with the doctor again because It was really getting me down. Bearing in mind - I forgot to say that the last time I saw a doctor about my acne, she told me to keep taking my pill, but if it doesn't clear up, we will send you to the dermatologist because there are certain drugs that I can't prescribe you even though I was kinda dying to see the Dermatologist. In the mean time, I was at work, and a colleague made a nasty comment about my skin, he said something about my face looking like Braille - a lot of people laughed, I suppose it's a witty comment but it really did upset me to the point where I just burst into tears infront of another guy at work sad.png . My skin was so bad though, I think ..... I had people saying 'It's not as bad as you think!' But to be honest, I just felt patronised, because it effing was terrible.. I have honestly popped probably over 50 spots on my face over the past two/three months, and I know that sounds absolutly disgusting but its true - agggh sad.png People would say, 'stop picking it its making it worse' and 'your gonna scar it', but I actually didn't care, it was just tempory relief for me.

I finally got my appointment with the doctor, and she referred me to the dermatologist within 5 mins. I got my appointment with the dermatologist within around 3 weeks, while I was waiting for the appointment, I decided not to treat my face with any creams, just keep washing it with soap and thats it. I kept on with my pill, but I really wanted to show the dermatologist the extent of how bad it was.

GOT TO THE DERMOTOLOGIST. I was actually excited to go - my skin was depressing me that much. She started talking about my pill, and how I should stay on it.. I was just thinking ..Nooooooo, please don't send me home and tell me to just use the pill. I'd looked into Roaccutane/Isotretinoin myself, and I knew it was what I really wanted. She finally mentioned Isotretinoin! Long awaited. She said, there is another option, you can try this drug, there are some unpleasant side effects - such as the dry cracked lips, dry skin and getting nose bleeds possibly. Also the fact that I wouldn't be able to drink for 4 - 6 months, or get pregnant because it would cause deformity's to a potential foetus. Not that I would want a baby now anyway. She said, come back in January/Feburary if you want it, and I'll give it you. She basically wants me to think about it. Although I know my decision before I'd got in the room! But I'm kinda glad, cos I get the oppurtunity to get merry over Xmas biggrin.png

I'm finally glad things may be looking up, although I know its gonna take some time - I'm just gonna be patient about it. At least ive been offered the Isotretinoin, that is such a plus for me. I'm gonna write another blog when I finally get on the Isotretinoin and I'll be updating. I hope anyone whos read this may find it helpful or be able to compare your own experience with mine. Thank u for reading x


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