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Day 174 Accutane



This week my skin looked pretty bad, but today it looks pretty nice! My forehead is clear except for one small pink thing. Also the peely spot by my eyebrow hasn't peeled in a few days! My nose hasn't peeled in a few days either. My chin was DECREPIT this week. I had a huge cyst thing and several large pimples. Now they are just dry spots. On the edge of my chin I have a couple of bumps that will most likely stay for another week. I have random pustules by my lips. Under my left eye I had a small but deep pimple, but now I really don't know what it is. The huge pustule on my right cheek by my nose is slowly healing, right now it's a red perky patch. The horrible disgusting bright red atrocious peeling thing by my right eye CAME BACK. EW! It looks hor-ib-le! Anyway, my red marks haven't healed at all as far as I've noticed. I put acv on them every night. Ugh. My skin is still red and flushy (but not as bad) and super dry yet still a bit oily. My back is still a bit sore, my arms and hands get red and scaly randomly.... Overall, my skin looks So. Much. Better. Okay, here's to hoping this week will bring me less red skin, fast healing red marks, and the disappearance of the horrible red skin patch by my right eye.


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