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80 Days! - I Call Each Of My Breaths Names...that One Was Johnny Franky



So I'm almost into my third month and could be finishing my treatment in another 40 days, when I hit 4 months. 120 days sounds like nothing when compared to a previous 1460 days of acne hell (that's 4 years for those without a calculator). I've had dry skin and lips for so long now it's just part of the routine and doesn't even bother me anymore, it's just the random sweating that's irritating but it's a teeny weeny price to pay to have good skin. I've started healthy eating properly today because I think my body needs some TLC. I think it was screaming for it today when I woke after a good 9hrs sleep, had my breakfast, then was shattered all of a sudden and went back to bed for another 4hrs. I'm going to avoid chocolate (shock-horror) and try and replace it with fruit. I already eat quite healthy meals so it shouldn't be too difficult, although I'm pretty addicted to chocolate-I even suffer withdrawal symptoms similar to that of drug addicts (according to Google)-so perhaps I'm being overly optimistic about this.

Tried a new foundation yesterday because I got a free sample, and as my nan says, 'owt for nowt!' (translation from Geordie to English: anything for nothing) It's called 'Laura Mercier-Silk creme foundation'. It's good for pale skin apparently, and it was a great match for my colouring, but it was impossible to put on and looked crap. I must've lost a good 50 calories just trying to spread it across my face, and at one point had a little rest before continuing to do the other side. It just kinda slumped into my pores, and then the good old moist moustache started. Yes, brilliant timing. I went to dab it off a little and the foundation just slid off; it had no holding power. I then touched my cheek after it had 'dried' and it just rubbed off instantly. To conclude, I'll have to stick with my current one for now, even though it's still slightly too dark in my opinion.

And now I feel I must apologise (or at least show my sympathy) for those who read my last depressing blog. I'm terrible with the PMS and seem to turn into a different person- I was even worse before the Dianette-so yes, sorry guys. I already pity my future partner because I'll probably lead them to a monthly mental breakdown. Maybe I should just live with some cats instead, for the good of humanity? Although cats aren't really me...I'd rather be 'the crazy sloth lady' or 'the crazy star-nosed mole lady'.

'How is the title relevant?' you may ask. Well, basically it isn't...but everybody likes to breathe.


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I don't really like to breathe, I feel like it's going to get in the way, or that something else will get in the way of it. It's a multitasking thing. Guys are crap at multitasking. I'm holding my breath right now just so I can finish writing this. If I don't hurry up, I might actually die. Good for you if you enjoy breathing though. That's kind of a happy accident I guess, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Being a crazy cat lady takes dedication, I bet. A worthy occupation if ever there was one. My sister and I bought a cat a couple of months back. It's like the greatest ever ego boost because all I have to do is play hunt the toy mouse with him and he thinks I'm some kind of god. If only human beings were as easily impressed by me.

Could be worth getting a Sloth instead though. I bet nobody ever messes with Sloth owners. But remember, a Sloth is for life, not just for Christmas!

And... breathe!

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When you said 'I'm holding my breath right now' I subconciously began to read faster and felt breathless by the end! Is this normal?! lol.gif

Pets are the best! I'm definitely more of a dog person, though. I love how dogs seem to imitate your mood, like if you're happy they'll stare at you wagging their tail, giving you that 'I'm happy 'cos you are!' look, and when you're down they do the big-eyed puppy stare and look depressed themselves.

If only human beings were as easily impressed by me.
don't we all wish this? tongue.png If only we could do the puss in boots eyes and get whatever we want-life would be good.


That picture is so cute it kinda hurts...

Just imagine if we had to control our own heartbeat as well as breathing, now that would be hard and inconvenient

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Yeah, that was me controlling your breathing. It's a party trick of mine. A girl fainted at my feet tonight. True story. (it wasn't actually anything to do with me. We were at a gig and she got too hot and passed out. But I can pretend). I'm controlling what you're doing right now, too. You're reading this, aren't you?

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Naaw!! That's so cute I actually squeaked at the screen and hurt my own ears.

Now I'm not sure whether I want a baby sloth or a slow loris more... I better just get both!

A girl fainted at your feet? Wow, how dramatically Hollywood! Did you chivalrously scoop her up and carry her out of the crowd and into safety??

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The only near-living thing that has fainted onto me is a large christmas tree, and sadly I'm not really into treephilia so it wasn't a pleasant experience. Hey, I am reading that! MINDBLOWN! :lol:

I wish I had that particular grasping sloth on my head as a chic hat :cool:

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A girl fainted at your feet? Wow, how dramatically Hollywood! Did you chivalrously scoop her up and carry her out of the crowd and into safety??

Oh yeah, totally. Scooped her up with one arm, put her over my shoulder. I actually flew to the back of the arena, it was quicker that way. Then when we landed and I put her down, she fainted again on account of my display of pure heroism. :rolleyes:

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Then when we landed and I put her down, she fainted again on account of my display of pure heroism. :rolleyes:

Bahahaha!! This made me laugh so much.

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