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Retin-A Experience



i started using retin-a on october 30, 2011 and that is 3 weeks past now. i used 0.025% at that time and now, november 19 i started using 0.05% retin-a cream. i don-t know how to explain or feel about the effects of retin-a on my skin. at first week it's just so fabulous. you can't see any ridges on my forehead, it's just so smooth. and then 2nd and 3rd week came and my skin went back to its old texture. it's wrinkly/rough but it's shiny. i am very confused and i think my pores especially on my nose are getting larger. i don't know if it's because i moisturize so well even if i'm already oily.

well that's it for now.i will be scrutinizing its effect in the following weeks and i hope my pores will be less noticeable by then....


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