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Our Skin: Listen To Me!



"Long term antibiotic exposure can have serious consequences for your entire digestive system. It has also been linked to breast cancer in some studies. For this reason, it is strongly preferable that natural methods are used to attain clear, blemish free skin. The first and most important aspect of naturally healing and clearing acne is your diet. This is no shock, since the phrase "you are what you eat" applies to just about every facet of your life. The food you put in your mouth has a direct impact on the appearance of your skin."

If you think about it, why shouldn't we be more cautious when it comes to putting stuff on our skin and into our blood? It is the largest organ in our bodies. Anything we put on our skin eventually gets absorbed into our blood stream. Think about it the next time you're buying anything that goes on your skin. Lotion, washes, creams, gels, make-up, etc.. what is in that product? Whatever it is, is being put in your body, too. Do you want to "feed" your skin those chemicals? I say no. For me personally, it's not worth the potential harm on my body in the long run. Don't tune out to your body's natural way of communicating a problem from the inside. Our skin releases toxins that are fighting to rule us from the inside. Our acne IS telling us something, but more on that another time. Okay, so what does that mean? natural products? They won't always be what they tell you. The "natural" or "organic" label won't ALWAYS be the best option. Honestly, I've tried lots of "natural" creams and washes. Sometimes they don't work like the synthetic products do! So, we stray back to the fluff and bad stuff. Why? Because we live in a culture that demands immediate results. We demand to see fast change. It's so silly really. The classic "Rome wasn't built in a day" speaks a lot of truth. All great things more often than not take time, investment, some blood sweat & tears, faith, and the endurance to finish the race. Don't misunderstand me. I've been there! I gave up and went running into accutane's accepting arms. But one year later and I'm still fighting this disease, I have IBS as a curser from the dreaded drug, and suffered from short term depression all for the sake of self-confidence. So I'm begging you. Before you give up completely on going natural to fight your acne, consider that maybe fighting acne is your Pantheon wink.png SOME things ARE worth fighting for. Fight for your health. Take care of you and go from there.

P.S. How am I doing this? Stay tuned...





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