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Day 16



I had my second Isolaz treatment yesterday, and as expected, it went well. My derm started the same way by wiping down my face with wet gauze. She then upped the setting of the laser from the last treatment and went over my face twice this time (she only did the laser part once last time), then passed over my face with the vacuum. I asked her to avoid my forehead because of the hickey marks, and she said that was fine as I don't particularly breakout on my forehead anyway. After the Isolaz, she extracted what the vacuum couldn't suck out, slapped on some moisturizer, and I was done. smile.png In and out of there in half an hour again.

Like last time, my skin is suuuuuuuper soft and smooth. I love the feeling of my skin the next day. Also, my skin seems to have built up tolerance as it definitely was not as sensitive as last time after. Aside from the pinkness and a couple of the extractions stinging, my face felt totally normal after the treatment. Today, the pinkness is gone, and the only inflamed parts of my skin is where she extracted a couple stubborn spots (particularly one spot that used to be a cyst but came to the surface... that one kept oozing oil yesterday. Nasty, I know :/).

So far, I'm really happy with the progress of my skin. And the Differin helps clear my pimples so much more quickly these days. I am actually loving the combination of the two treatments together. For the most part, I already don't really have that many active breakouts anymore; sometimes there are as few as 3 zits on my face these days. Most of the red marks on my skin are just scars at this point. The Isolaz treatment works so instantly too, it boggles my mind. Two cysts I had yesterday are flat and almost gone this morning. So amazing! While it is still too soon to say I'm completely clear, I am hoping in a few more treatments I finally will be...!!!

ps. it also helps that I love my derm. She is so nice, understanding, knowledgeable, and very attentive. All my life I usually dread going to the doctors for any reason, but just because my derm is so great, I actually look forward to going back.


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