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Tis' The Season



It never fails, I break out this time of year every single year, and it lasts until March or so, then it slowly winds down.

Is it just me, or would anyone else like to wake up on Christmas morning and not have to slather on the makeup???

That's all I want this year. Silly me for not pre-scheduling my Derm appointments in advance! hahaha I should have known.

I did schedule a Derm apt. with a new Doctor. It is a female this time, my previous derm was a male. Not that I think that matters, but maybe she will be more sensitive to how I feel about makeup and being beautiful and things like that. Then again, perhaps she won't care at all. Either way, this one is close to my work and I can hop on a bus and not have to worry about paying for parking and anything like that.

I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday. My husband does his very best to take me out and treat me right, but when I'm down...I feel like I ruin the mood. Don't get me wrong we had a great time, and I think he is totally blind by my acne. Sometimes I feel bad for him having to walk around with the girl with the face that just won't quit. Then I remember, he chose me, all those years ago.

The ironic thing is...he came to my sweet 16 birthday party...where I was battling acne, and now he shares every birthday with me, still battling acne...where will it end?

Anyways back to the dermatologist appointment that will be here before I know it. Judging by my signature, does anyone have a suggestion for things that I have NOT already tried? I think I am willing to try Accutane one more time. Mostly because I've battled for 2 years since the last time, hoping things would get better. I don't know what is worse...long term antibiotics (2 years now), or 5 more months of Accutane. Further more, I was SOOOO happy while I was on Tane, and my husband was away doing Army stuff. This time around, he will be home..so I have someone there to support me constantly. We don't plan on having kids until his Army contract is up...2014, and so I'm in the clear for awhile still.

I am also aware that Spiro is an option (for the record, all of my acne is on my chin and lower cheeks), so it's def. hormonal. I could also get some testing done, perhaps to find allergies that I am unaware of or things like that. I would love to hear your thoughts, or encouragement to go back on Tane from those who have perhaps had success with a second round.


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