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Everybody's Working For The Weekend (Day 91)



I'm writing this from the office so there's no photos in this blog, so the full extent of my lack of blogging skill will shine (I just wrote "shite" then; Freudian slip?) through, sorry!

Yay!! I have been waiting for this moment for a fair few days (like maybe five). It's finally the weekend! I have been sleeping so badly that the thing I am almost looking forward to the most is the sleep ins... Booyah!

So on a skin update I am still getting a fresh lesion every couple of days, so am never without a spot on my face. The nodule in my hairline has gone right down though, and despite being more red now is actually a lot better. I'm getting a new one above my eyebrow now though, but I've been gelling it morning and night in the hopes that it'll go down faster, the bastard. I'm hesitant to say it, because each time I do seems to tempt fate, but I haven't had a breakout on my back for a little while, and besides a few discolourations on my chest and a weird "what the heck is that?!" burn-like mark I had earlier from a scratch or something (photos to come), there's nothing else to report.

Now onto the fun stuff! Last night I had a very surreal experience. After an incredibly shit-tastic day, I was carrying a couple of green bags with groceries ready to board the train, and this nice young guy saw I had full hands, opened the door and stepped aside to let me in before he did. "Wow, how chivalrous" I thought, since manners and courtesy in someone my age are sometimes a rare thing. So I smiled at him, and said "Thank you very much". Then, after exiting I gave him another (full-wattage) smile, and headed on my merry way thinking "Gee, maybe the world isn't such a disgusting snake pit of lecherous humans after all". Next thing I know, I'm almost out of the station and I hear this "Excuse me!", and when I turn around there he was, a sheepish grin on his face.

"Yeah, um, I kind of jumped off the train. I'm supposed to be going to (insert further stop down the track)" - Doorman.

"Oh." - Me. (I'm very articulate when put on the spot).

"This is going to sound weird, but you have the most amazing smile." - Doorman.

"Wow. Haha [awkward laugh]. Gee, thanks. Wow, that was unexpected. ...Did you get off the train to tell me that? " - Me. (incredibly observant, I know).

"Yeah..." - Doorman. Something, something, I can't remember what else he said (I know, I'm an awesome story teller) but then he ended up asking for my number and I was too shocked to think, and gave it to him, because he was quite good-looking with a nice smile himself (I know, I'm super shallow) and totally caught me off guard. ...Whiiich meant I ended up having to text and apologise to him (my friend helped me word a friendly, non-bitch message, which seemed to go down well) and explain that I wasn't interested in dating anyone for now, and that I'm being selfishly single for a few months. So, what could have been the most amazing story for how I met a guy, turned up into the incredibly awkward story I promised to include in my blog, haha! eusa_wall.gif Oh well, he was really nice about it, so that was good, and hopefully no harm done. On a side note, another embarrassing story is that I perpetually spell "embarrassing" incorrectly, unless I really stop and think about it. So every single time then. Thank goodness for spellcheck / autocorrect!

This weekend I have lots of plans, including definitely going for a jog after work, and then possibly joining my friend at a new little boutique bar The End, for his birthday (This is the same birthday friend of the last blog entry; he's decided he's having a birthday week). On my spotty friend's suggestion, I am contemplating finally wearing the dress I bought, but haven't decided if I will yet, depends how full I feel after dinner, since it's a 50s-style dress and is a little toight. If I do wear it I'll try and get a photo with me in it.

Then tomorrow night I have tentative dinner-and-a-movie plans with a girlfriend that I don't get to catch up with very often these days. Originally we were planning to go to the markets, but I'm hoping that's no longer the case, because that would involve me relinquishing my sleep in.

"Dear Diary,

I have this internet friend that I think is really funny and attractive, and she wants to take our relationship to the next level by having a phone date. Now I'm really nervous, because I'm worried my personality is only pixel deep, and what if she doesn't like me, or I become completely unfunny due to performance anxiety? I really want to talk to her, but every time I think about it I get sweaty hands and need to run to the bathroom... What do I do??"



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Ok ok ok......just hold on an eyebrow plucking second here.... You got asked out by a cute guy on the train (who went to some effort it seems to get your number) and you gave him a 'dear john' txt message?!? I dont understand? Why didnt you just go on a date with him? Dates are so much fun (disclaimer: Dates are only fun when on a date with an actual fun person) and since when does going on a date mean you have to then enter a relationship with that person? I'm disappointed! V disappointed. I'm not sure how I'm going to recover from this. Mainly from the view point that if you had gone on a date, you would have had some awesomely amazing stuff to blog about! You've proven through your behaviour that you don't care for your bloggy readers...not one bit.

As for spellcheck....I'm constantly spelling things wrongly because I quite often think that I know better than the spell checker. I always see the red line and think "ppffff...its wrong....it just wants me to change it to the American way of spelling". It likes to trick me.

Ah yes, phone call performance anxiety and nervous poohs are common problems. Perhaps you could write a script and send her a copy so that she can follow it. Perfect! :)

And OMS! That song just brought back so many awful memories that it made me smile!

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Poor form, poor form! So some guy just held your groceries, let you on the train, then jumped off the train to chase after you and you said no...You just ruined any romance that kid had in him. He's now going to hesitate to ever do anything nice for a woman again. Well done, someone needed a reality check! :D

Aww, look at you two. Moving onto the next level. So quickly as well. Well kudos to you both!

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Hahaha give me a break guys, he was lovely but there was no chemistry! I've found it's just not worth it in the "long run" if you don't have *ahem* that spark of interest and glint in the eye, if you know what I mean. I'm not settling for average any more, I want sparks (preferably fireworks), dammit!

But he was very chivalrous, so he will make some grocery-laden lady very happy some day.

Shuddup Om, you weren't supposed to pick that up! Hmm, that was pretty badly coordinated on our part, us being so coordinated. Oh well, the cat's out of the bag, hehehe. PC has a rival! ;)

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I went to a comedy show a few months ago and I leaned over to my friend and whispered about one of the performers "he has to be the most unattractive man I have ever seen in my life". He ended up asking me out and I didnt want to go (firstly because he was a standup comedian and I thought the date would be like a conversation with Robin Williams....you know, exhausting and not funny, and secondly because he was very VERY unattractive {well to me anyway}) and it ended up being the best 1st date of my entire life and I ended up fancying the socks off him.

So miss, take it from me, initial lack of spark means NOTHING!

Damn our synchronised blogging! (oh and there goes the spell check wanting me to yankiefy the spelling of synchroniZed!)

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Are you kidding?? I love funny guys. Give me a guy who can make me laugh (i.e. almost as funny as me) and I'm set.

But that's weird to go from very VERY unattractive to fancying the socks off him!

Does every single male you meet ask you out?! As my friend would say, "you must reek of pheromones".

I hate the Yankee spelling thing! It makes me enraged (or livid, I like that word) every time it tries to change "realise". How have they not got different language options on these damned phones?! I always always change it to the correct spelling out of spite.

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I'd ditch the phone date (you'd call and she'd only end up saying "Oh my shit!" over and over again biggrin.png) and go and hang out with train guy. I'll give him credit, to get off the train like that takes balls. We will not give you a break here. No, no, noooooo! eusa_naughty.gif

I remember once, I was waiting for a bus and a stunningly beautiful red-readed girl (I have a thing for readheads blush.png) was also waiting. I gathered that she'd been to see the stage version of Blues Brothers which was in town at the time, as she had a copy of the show program in hand. Now, Blues Brothers is one of my favourite films and that would have been the easiest way into a conversation ever. Despite that, I never even got the nerve to say hello and I sat there for the entire bus ride wondering if I'd manage to say something without it coming out as complete gibberish. She got off the bus a few stops before me and I could have easily done the same and walked the rest of the way, but no, I stayed on the bus and watched her and her beautiful red hair disappear into the distance. If only I'd have had train-guy-sized balls... lol.gif

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I'd ditch the phone date (you'd call and she'd only end up saying "Oh my shit!" over and over again

Incredible....it's like you sit on my shoulder stalking me, you know me so well.....

So many men have a thing for redheads. That why whenever I go out with my friend Rosemary she gets chatted up every second. Oh, apart from the fact that she's funny, smart and gorgeous. But mainly because of the red hair ;)

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I suppose all these things come down to perception. Guys automatically think that redheads are fiery and passionate. Funny thing is, the women don't even have to do anything to prove or even suggest that this is the case. It must just be some sort of vibe we get. I've got a photographers pass for a Rihanna concert tonight, I'm going scouting for redheads! :D

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I must admit, they have to be total babes to get away with red hair, but then, if they are they become an 11. It's like wow, can I please have two of you? (Need I mention Emma Stone again)

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