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So in light of a Resery's recent blog, I too have my own embarrassing story to tell, no copyright infringement intended. So today my car was spluttering around on empty (his name is Butch*) so naturally I went to the local fuel station, to fill him up. I filled the tank till it read about 20 dollars worth. Which is about all I need for the week. I went in to pay, and the cashier told me that would be 29.95. I looked at her with indignation and said no, it was only 20.05. And she was like "no, it's 29.95", and then I gave her a puzzled expression, and she asked which car it was. And then I replied with the one on the left (when my car was actually on the right) in which case she looked down at her petrol computerer and was like, oh you got 20.05 Litres, you were looking at the wrong one and I was like oh, and then mumbled something really strange about not being awake (when it was midday), I then went to pay, and asked for cash-out and was about to swipe when she told me I can't do that because I was getting cash. I had to manually insert it. So I had to wait for her to cancel that last transaction and start a new one. I then walked out of the petrol station, past the growing line of disgruntled customers waiting to pay for their petrol, with my head down and shoulders slumped and cheeks reddening. Ha ha, I don't think I've been that embarrassed in such a long time!!

Now can you please tell me the most embarrassing story you have? I need some consolation. My hair has lightened a good two shades already.

*My car's name is Butch because I have the same car as my nan and my other grand parents. I needed to somehow make my car more manly, and less elderly. I really think it works, that and the dents separates my car from my grand parents'.

That's all there is; there isn't anymore.


If I told you my stories on here I'd have nothing to blog about :P

Om, I was so excited to see a new entry, and one labelled "Embarrassing" to boot! Talk about an anticlimax; that is the least embarrassing story I've ever heard! That was mild chagrin, at the most. Sheesh!

...The fact that you named you car Butch because it's the same car as your grandparents' and you want it to be manly, on the other hand, is side-splittingly hilarious, and absolutely worthy of this entry ;)

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Ba, ha ha, you're so nice. But I'll give you that, it wasn't ultra embarrassing, but it was a terrible start to my day. Honestly, I'm now expecting something phenomenally humiliating from you in your next blog... (you've set the standards and raised the expectations. tongue.png)

Butch is macho. He has a sick CD player (it lights up, and says "Hello", impressive!), and is a manly bluish silver (not unlike my Nan's blue rinse). He also has a ghetto booty, but I gave him a reduction on one side so he feels a little less insecure about it. He's also a fan of the unkempt look, just to keep up his rugged manliness; you see, he doesn't believe in showering. He likes to keep things real, so he has a spectacular natural cologne going on as well, none of those poncy air fresheners, nor any of those glamorous seat covers will you find.

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I shit you not, I was reading your embarrassing story and I thought "what? Thats it? Thats a normal day at the petrol station for me....I constantly read the litres for the dollars. Thats not embarrassing, its perfectly reasonable behaviour". And then I read unblvbl's comment and laughed. Clearly she and I are a match made in heaven.

I LOVE Butch...he sounds wonderful...especially his welcoming CD player. What more could you want...a bright hello AND music. And he smells rugged too? Nothing better than a rugged smelling man. No wait...we're talking about a car here...damn, I keep forgetting.

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I love Butch too. He's the kind of car others stop at beside the light, making the metro clean cars look sissy. And the pungent aroma sounds masculine, like a working car. Super tough. Who needs a Hilux when you can have a Hyundai? It's a Hyundai, isn't it? Or a Chrysler Neon. Tell me it's a Neon. Or a Volvo! But then you'd have to have the hat too. Although you could totally pull that off with your artsy, loft-dwelling nouveau-boho thing.

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Ha ha, definitely. Maybe I just don't embarrass myself enough. I think it was just the denialism I exhibited that put it up there. I really must start doing more stupid things just so I can get some more street cred.

There's a lot of love for Butch. He's a sternly Toyota Camry, born in the late 90s. The chubby but rough exterior stands in contrast to his gentlemanly personality, which shines through in his suave caress of the road. Rarely is he loud, or socially unbecoming, nor is he ever greedy. Occasionally, he likes to play games of bridge, and wander further afield for the fresh air.

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