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Day 9



So today's day nine. My skin is still flaky -- not like after a sunburn flaky, but like dandruff on the face flaky. It's annoying. bla. However last night in class (one of the first days I've worn makeup since starting accutane) I reached up to scratch my nose, and it wasn't oily! So while the oil production hasn't stopped, it's definitely slowed down. SO awesome. :D

Also I've had a small breakout over the past two days, nothing serious, but definitely there. I'm hoping they'll disappear quickly.

Hope everybody else's accutane processes are going well!

~ Britt


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I swear this stuff works... just put aquaphor healing ointment on your face before going to sleep. its so greasy and kinda gross but I woke up this morning and washed with normal cetaphil and noticed a dramatic change in my skin. You should try it!!

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Awesome! It's getting better, but I'll definitely try that tonight. :)

I've been using it on my lips, but it's good to know it works for the skin as well.

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