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Day 12- Spiro



So, its bad. I really don't think my face has looked quite so trrible. Im sure a lot of it is just marks fromt he old, but the new is also an issue. Quite a mess this morning.

And also, it may just be distress from the state of my complexion, but I have had an incredibly short temper. Im considering it a possibility that it is a side effect of the spiro, messing with hormones? I get so angry I just want to throw things and cry. There could be many factors including issues with my one year old.... but i've never had such a temper, and it's not great for my child. I've had to work very hard the past three months to get him to gain weight, having to watch his high protein diet, measuring food, etc. While his 12 month check up was excellent, we have been having trouble with him not wanting to eat now. I feel as though all the hard work we have been putting in the past few months is going down the drain.

We are also having finance problems, like many Americans now. I have started to make our own baby food and such, but since I haven't dont it in so long, its difficult to go to the grocery store and be able to fidure out all that I need to keep baby fed. We have begun to go to the local food bank weekly, however they dont exactly fill the grocery list. We have had financial issue in the past, and I haven't been nearly this stressed over it. Having so much stress added on top of that just because of a bad complexion sounds ridiculous, but you guys know how it is.

Derm appt. tomorrow. I am soooo glad. I have been reading more on Bactrim, and am more hopeful. Tomorrow I will be shooting for a bactrim prescription for 3 months, a Yaz prescription (I have had some success with that before)..... and some talk about spiro. Im hoping the bactrim will get me through the initial phases of spiro and yaz. I really wish doxy still worked for me. I had such immediate and wonderful results.

Its a little depressing that I want to be off as many prescriptions as I can, yet im planning to just add more. The bactrim is a short term plan though, and being that antibiotics are so bad for you, maybe thats what im s hooting for.

So frustrated.


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