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Day 119 - Hopes. With Pictures.




Just a quick update.

Still waiting on the derm appointment really.

Not had any big spots - I've had one or two smaller lumps which as per usual don't come to fruition. Now it's just a case of old lesions healing peeling, and pigmentation. I've noticed it more recently that my forehead is covered in pigmentation, in pictures it's more noticable. I hope this subsides eventually. I can always ask the derm if there is any scar treatment/pigmentation treatment available on the NHS before I look into other options.

I really can't wait to finish this treatment. It's been slow, painful and a real intrusion into my life. I think back to the summer and how self concious I was when I was having break out and it makes me really sad.

I've definitely noticed my hair is thinner, and of course never gets greasy. Initally I was of the view that I needed to wash it much less, but now I think just wash it every 3-4 days and use a very good conditioner, otherwise it's just getting dryer and dryer and brittle if it's left.

I have used dabs of differin on some new lesions. Which is actually against the universal advice of stopping topical treatment due to skin sensitivity. However I had this big lump on the bridge of my nose between my eyes that just wouldnt grow a head, and wasn't shrinking. It's still here and driving me mad! I'ts slowly started shrinknig since I've been putting differin on.

My lifestyle hasn't changed that much - I mean in terms of drinking. Which is not good really because I do party a lot! But I've started eating meat again since the summer which is good, and having a bit more of a healthier eating lifestyle which is positive.

here's a few pictures to update - annoying red marks! When will you go??





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