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Three Days



Well, as you can clearly see by my signature, I have literally tried everything, and I mean everything under the sun to fight this stubborn acne.

I think the hardest part is that I loathe makeup...I mean I completely hate it...I only wear it because I have to, and even still, I don't think I'm very successful with it, if you know what I mean. I don't know how to choose my winter color, I don't know the best kind for me, I really love the idea of mineral makeup, but I cannot tell if it's breaking me out or not. And I have pale skin, but it doesn't have a pink undertone at all.

I digress, on Saturday I really had a terrible time. The left side of my face is fine, the right; not so much. I believe that I now have hormonal acne, and it chooses to put itself on my chin and jawline...which is also the place that gets terribly dry for me.

Imagine the cycle, if you will: cleanse (my face is so dry), put on BP (my face continues to be dry) moisturize (BREAKOUT)...and so on and so forth.

I have been using Cetaphil Bar Soap for ages as recommended by one of the two dermatologists I have been seeing over the years...along with Cetaphil Moisturizer. Last week, I must have used entirely too much BP, because the entire right side of my chin felt like it was flaking off....and I mean, I couldn't even smile or my face would just crack. It was horribly chapped. Bright red even around my breakouts. I couldn't wear my makeup (Almay Clear Complexion) because it has SA in it, and I think it dries me out even more.

In any case, I had this craft show to attend. So, I put on what I could and tried not to smile for fear that I would crack my mask off, and to the craft show I go.

I approach this booth with a young woman (not even she is about 17 now) selling all natural scrubs. She used a "manly scent" on my husband and then told me that I had to try it on my hand. I replied, thanks but, no thanks, I will probably get a rash on my hand from that.

The girl said, I really don't think you will, and I encourage you to try. That is why I started my business in the first place, I had exzema so badly from infancy that I could not even use products like Cetaphil without getting a breakout. She said that the button on her jeans would give her a breakout.

So I said...what the heck and I held out my hand. I told her and her mother my lifelong battle with acne and how, even after doing Accutane, I am still fighting.

They talked me into buying this Green Tea Facial Scrub for $15. She gave me a card and told me to let her know my progress. I asked if I had to moisturize with it and she said no way the oils do that on their own and she also said all she uses is the scrub, twice a day, and viola. Her skin looked like that of a doll. I know that everyone is different, but if green tea can make my skin look like that, count me in right?

In my mind, I am thinking...well I have nothing left to loose really, and all I know is that I am sooo dried out, I cannot even smile, and I refuse to live like this. Not to mention I've been taking antibiotics for over a year, which cannot be good for me.

I walked away with my Green Tea Scrub and decided it was time to turn over, yet another, new leaf. That was Saturday, so I've had 8 washes since then, and I can honestly say the following:

`Chapped face-GONE

`Skin tone- appears brighter

`Dryness- none, not at all....this stuff packs a punch that Cetaphil and CeraVe could never do, and it doesn't make me look greasy in the slightest

`breakouts- still there, and still occurring, BUT: I did just start my cycle and this is also my first month on a new BCP called Syeda (generic Yasmin)

Considering the pluses I have noticed thus far, I deserve to give it credit where credit is due and try this new routine out until the first product is gone, right? At least I can put makeup on again, if nothing else.

So here is my routine:

AM: wash with GTS

Apply Makeup

PM: wash with GTS

Take BCP and Zinc Supplement

About the Zinc: I read in an Amish book that the young ladies take Zinc there to help with Acne...I have never seen an Amish girl with acne..so she must be on to something right? Not to mention, it's just a vitamin so it really cannot hurt me.

If you feel inclined, follow me on my journey and if this works..I will be forever rep this young business woman that sold me my scrub.

Things I could use some advice on: makeup...less is more for me, I need some words of advice. I want a dewy look. I don't like looking pasted on. I really wish it could be as easy as Mineral Makeup because I feel like that covers well, but like I mentioned the Everyday Minerals seems to not help my acne cause.

Thanks for reading, typically I won't talk on this long.


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