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Week 1



ACNE: I wasn't expecting to see so much happen in just the first week! For the first few days, Accutane literally KILLED my acne. My skin took a drastic improvement. Around day 5 I started to notice some new bumps...oyyy. Nothing too bad, though. And that's not to discredit the changes I've seen. Already my skin has better texture. The new pimples are different than the kind of acne I've had before. They seem to...kill themselves? I don't know how to explain it :) For example, this morning I washed my face and two white heads just fell off my face. I was by no means scrubbing them at ALL. Raw skin was left underneath though. Also last night I had an underground pimple on my cheek that was extremely deep and didn't seem like it'd surface and i woke up this morning with a tiny scab and ZERO tenderness/inflammation left. I would think that I accidentally scratched it and popped it in my sleep but it was super deep! I really don't know what happened...? I've gotten underground pimples that swallow themselves up it seems. They never surface and they just disappear! Overall, I'm happy despite new white heads on my cheeks/chin and bumps on my jaw line. PLEASE NO IB!

SIDE EFFECTS: Obviously, dry lips! Aquaphor 4 lyfe. My skin is beginning to get a little drier but I got some intense moisturizing cream so I haven't seen much peeling or flaking yet. I had a mini panic attack in class yesterday. I was playing with my hair and like 10 strands came out with one fell swoop. It hasn't happened again, maybe because I have been avoiding touching my hair as much as possible. I'm trying not to think about it though...Also my back hurts like hell. I bent down to pick something up today and AUUUGHGH. It was so painful. Also, bruising. My arm got stuck in a closing door...it's purple.

HOW I'M FEELIN: I feel absolutely great! Accutane has improved my mood tenfold. It might be because I know I'm on my way to clear skin and I've started seeing some changes? Also I have so much more energy! I don't know why. I pay so much more attention in class than usual. I feel so much happier and I'm thriving!

On an unrelated note, I just ate a steaming hot cookie and burnt the roof of my mouth so bad that there's a flap of gums hanging off the roof of my mouth ;) mmmm you're welcome


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Its great that everything is going so well!!! I was wondering what kind of moisturizer you were using for your face... because i am on day 7 and my face is getting pretty dry and flaky.

Thank youu!

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I use Cetaphil Mosturizing Cream, it comes in a little tub. It's SO GOOD! Some people only use it at night because they find it too heavy to wear under makeup. Not me though, I put it on morning and night. love it. good luck!!

Go for it!! My mouth is still raw from the wound...I was just way too eager I couldn't stop myself haha

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